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Date Description
08 Nov 21 Added BBjFileChooser::setView for BBj 20.30 and higher.
11 Aug 21 Added BBjAppConfig::isDwcEnabled for BBj 21.10 and higher.
11 Aug 21 Added BBjAppConfig::setDwcEnabled for BBj 21.10 and higher.
11 Aug 21 Added BBjApplication::isDwcEnabled for BBj 21.10 and higher.
10 Aug 21 Added BBjThinClient::getClientLocales for BBj 21.02 and higher.
28 July 21 Added BBjPageLoadedEvent::getText for BBj 21.10 and higher.
27 April 21 Added STBL("!CHROMIUM_DIR") for BBj 20.30 and higher.
26 April 21 Added BBjSysGui::playSoundData, BBjSysGui::playSoundFile, BBjSysGui::playSoundUrl for BBj 22.0 and higher.
26 April 21 Added TCB(23) and TCB(24) for BBj 20.0 and higher.
22 April 21 Added BBjStatusBar::setAlignmentAt.
20 April 21

Added BBjMouseEvent::getNativeMouseButton for BBj 21.0 and higher.

20 April 21 Added STATIC modifier to INTERFACE and CLASS verbs.


Date Description

05 May 20

Added BBj 20.x Classpath Overview.

16 Apr 20

Added BBjThinClient::getpublicIPAddress for BBj 20.00 and higher.

23 Mar 20

Added BBjButton::setVerticalAlignment, BBjButton::getVerticalAlignment, and BBjButton::clearImage.

06 Mar 20

Added BBjGridCell::getToolTip and BBjGridCell::setToolTip for BBj 20.00 and higher.

27 Feb 20

Added BBjTree::setImageSize, BBjTree::clearImageSize, BBjTree::getImageHeight, and BBjTree::getImageWidth for BBj 20.00 and higher.

17 Jan 20

Added BBjStaticText::getBottomMargin, BBjStaticText::setBottomMargin, BBjStaticText::setTopMargin, BBjStaticText::getTopMargin, BBjStaticText::getLeftMargin, BBjStaticText::setLeftMargin, BBjStaticText::getRightMargin, and BBjStaticText::setRightMargin for BBj 20.00 and higher.

16 Jan 20

Added App Deployment Tutorial for BBj 20.00 and higher.

01 Jan 20

Added EM: Web - App Deployment for BBj 20.00 and higher.


Date Description

22 Nov 19

Added Script Loaded Event, Script Failed Event, BBjScriptFailedEvent, BBjScriptFailedEvent::getUrl, BBjScriptLoadedEvent, BBjScriptLoadedEvent::getUrl, BBjHyperlinkEnterEvent::getUrl, BBjHyperlinkExitEvent::getUrl, BBjHyperlinkActivateEvent::getUrl, and BBjPageLoadedEvent::getUrl.

17 Oct 19

Added BBjImageManager::getDefaultIcon, BBjImageManager::loadImageFromClientURL, BBjImageManager::loadImageFromURL, BBjImageManager::setDefaultIcon, and BBjImageManager::loadImageFromServerURL for BBj 20.0 and higher.

23 Sep 19

Added Installing BBx and Configuring BBx.

12 Sep 19

Added BBjGridMouseEvent::isCmdDown for BBj 20.0 and higher.

06 Sep 19

Added SQL - Custom Functions.

27 Aug 19

Added BBj Exit Codes.

23 Aug 19

Added BBjPopupMenu::getClientProperty, BBjPopupMenu::putClientProperty, BBjPopupMenu::addStyle, BBjPopupMenu::getName, BBjPopupMenu::setName, BBjPopupMenu::setAttribute, BBjPopupMenu::setStyle, BBjPopupMenu::removeStyle, BBjPopupMenu::clearStyles, BBjPopupMenu::getStyle, BBjPopupMenu::getComputedStyle, BBjPopupMenu::getAttribute, and BBjPopupMenu::getStyles for BBj 20.0 and higher.

05 Jul 19

Added BBjAppConfig::clearDisallowConsole, BBjAppConfig::getDisallowConsole, BBjAppConfig::setDisallowConsole, BBjAppServer::getDisallowConsole, BBjAppServer::setDisallowConsole, and BBjApplication::getDisallowConsole for BBj 20.0 and higher.

15 Jul 19

Added BBjAppConfig::clearSecure, BBjAppConfig::getSecure, BBjAppConfig::setSecure, BBjApplication::getSecure, BBjAppServer::getSecure, and BBjAppServer::setSecure for BBj 20.0 and higher.

12 Jul 19

Added BBjTopLevelWindow::isAlwaysOnTop, BBjTopLevelWindow::setAlwaysOnTop, BBjBarChart::setLegendShown, BBjPieChart::setLegendShown, and BBjLineChart::setLegendShown for BBj 20.0 and higher.

4 Jul 19

Added BBj 19.x Classpath Overview.

20 Jun 19

Added BBjExecuteScriptEvent, BBjExecuteScriptEvent::getScript, BBjExecuteScriptEvent::getResult, BBjHtmlView::executeAsyncScript, Execute Script Event, for BBj 20.0 and higher.

19 Jun 19

Added BBjHtmlView::print for BBj 19.0 and higher.

29 May 19

Added BBjPopupMenu::setUserDataBBjPopupMenu::getUserData, BBjPopupMenu getFont, BBjPopupMenu::getChildCount, and BBjPopupMenu::setFont for BBj 20.0 and higher.

23 May 19

Added BBjKeypressEvent::getKeyLocation and BBjKeypressEvent::getNumLock for BBj 20.0 and higher.

10 May 19

Added BBjStandardGrid::getHiddenColumns, BBjStandardGrid::getHiddenRows, BBjStandardGrid::hideColumn, BBjStandardGrid::hideColumns, BBjStandardGrid::hideRow, BBjStandardGrid::hideRows, BBjStandardGrid::isColumnHidden, BBjStandardGrid::isRowHidden, BBjStandardGrid::unhideColumn, BBjStandardGrid::unhideColumns, BBjStandardGrid::unhideRow, BBjStandardGrid::unhideRows for BBj 20.0 and higher.

1 Apr 19

Added BBjHtmlEdit::getClientType and BBjHtmlEdit::getClientVersion for BBj 19.0 and higher.

9 Mar 19

Added BBjInputN::getNegateable, BBjInputN::setNegateable, BBjInputNSpinner::getNegateable, and BBjInputNSpinner::setNegateable.

21 Feb 19

Added BBjGrid::isSelected, BBjStandardGrid::clearRowHeader, BBjStandardGrid::clearColumnHeader, BBjStandardGrid::clearImage, BBjStandardGrid::clearRelated, BBjStandardGrid::clearRestore, BBjStandardGrid::clearText, and BBjStandardGrid::clear for BBj 19.0 and higher.

4 Feb 19

Added BBjGrid::showCalendarForCell for BBj 19.0 and higher.


Date Description

20 Dec 18

Added BBjControl::isGrouped and BBjControl::setGrouped for BBj 19.0 and higher.

6 Dec 18

Added BEGIN Verb - BBj, SQLCHN Variable - BBj, CLEAR Verb - BBj, UNT Variable - BBj, and CHN Variable - BBj, EXECUTE Verb - BBj.

4 Dec 18

Added Configuring BBj for Java 11 and OpenJFX.

19 Nov 18

Added BBjGrid::getVisibleRows, BBjGrid::getMaxVisibleRows, BBjGrid::getVisibleColumns, and BBjGrid::getMaxVisibleColumns for BBj 19.0 and higher; Deprecated BBjGrid::getVisibleRowCount and BBjGrid::getVisibleColumnCount for BBj 19.0 and higher.

13 Nov 18

Added BBjTriggerData::getBBjProgram and BBjStoredProcedureData::getBBjProgram for BBj 18.0 and higher.

9 Nov 18

Added BACKCOLOR_SETS_OPAQUE to STBL("!COMPAT") for BBj 19.0 and higher.

7 Nov 18

Added BBjToolButton::getVerticalTextPosition for BBj 19.0 and higher; added BBjCheckBox::getHorizontalTextPosition, BBjCheckBox::setHorizontalTextPosition, BBjRadioButton::getHorizontalTextPosition, BBjRadioButton::setHorizontalTextPosition, BBjToolButton::getHorizontalTextPosition, and BBjToolButton::setHorizontalTextPosition for BBj 4.0 and higher.

22 Oct 18

Added JnlpExePacker Usage Guide.

16 Oct 18

Added BBj Plugin Manager Usage Guide.

11 Oct 18

Added BBjHtmlView::getAutoNavigate and BBjHtmlView::setAutoNavigate for BBj 19.0 and higher.

8 Oct 18

Added Working with the BBj Code Formatter Eclipse Plug-in.

5 Oct 18

Added BDT Code Completion documentation; updated WindowBuilder Overview.

2 Oct 18

Added CONSOLE_PROGRAM_SHORT_NAME to STBL("!OPTIONS") for BBj 19.0 and higher.

26 Sep 18

Added BBjGrid::setEditOnKeyPress and BBjGrid::isEditOnKeyPress for BBj 19.0 and higher.

7 Sep 18

Added Console Logging in BBj for BBj 19.0 and higher.

4 Sep 18

Added BBjKeypressEvent::getCapsLock for BBj 19.0 and higher.

23 Aug 18

Added new BBjBarChart::getCategoryCount, BBjBarChart::setCategoryCount, BBjBarChart::setSeriesCount, and BBjBarChart::getSeriesCount for BBj 19.0 and higher.

22 Aug 18

Added new XCALL Server to Enterprise Manager - BBjServices: Servers for BBj 19.0 and higher.

17 Aug 18

Added COPYSTYLE Mnemonic and new Copying and Pasting methods for the BBj SysConsole for BBj 19.0 and higher.

14 Aug 18

Added CHROMIUM_HTMLVIEW to STBL("!OPTIONS") for BBj 19.0 and higher.

26 Jul 18

Added BBjspCommandConfig::getParameterNames, BBjspCommandForward::getPipelineName, BBjspPipelineConfig::removeStage, and BBjspWebResponse::createCookie for BBj 18.0 and higher;
JSON:ParamTag for BBj 17.0 and higher;
and BBJSP Session Data Overview, BBJSP Servlet Overview, and BBJSP Widget Overview for BBj 16.0 and higher.

16 Jul 18

Added BBjGrid::getSelectionBackground, BBjGrid::getSelectionForeground, BBjGrid::setSelectionBackground, and BBjGrid::setSelectionForeground for BBj 19.0 and higher.

13 Jul 18

Added BBWebClient Overview page.

6 Jul 18

Added BBjGridCell::getFont and BBjGridCell::setFont for BBj 19.0 and higher.

28 Jun 18

Added BBjCEdit::getWrapStyleWord and BBjCEdit::setWrapStyleWord for BBj 19.0 and higher.

27 Jun 18

Added new security options for XCALL for BBj 19.0 and higher.

26 Jun 18

Added BBjInputE::selectAll, BBjInputD::selectAll, and BBjInputN::selectAll.

21 May 18

Added Working with the Dialog Wizard Eclipse Plug-in.

15 May 18

Added BBj 18.x Classpath Overview.

23 Apr 18

Added Compiling PRO/5 Code Using Eclipse and BDT Tutorial.

13 Apr 18

Added Configuration History for BBj 18.0 and higher.

11 Apr 18

Added BBj Metrics for BBj 18.0 and higher.

9 Apr 18

Added BBjTree::getSelectedBackColor, BBjTree::setSelectedForeColor, BBjTree::setSelectedBackColor, and BBjTree::getSelectedForeColor for BBj 18.0 and higher.

5 Apr 18

Added Installing BLM 18.

14 Mar 18

Added BBjEvent::getEventString.

5 Mar 18

Updated BBjAPI::setStbl for BBj 18.0 and higher. Updated BBjFileSystem, BBjFileSystem::recoverFile, and BBjObject Diagram for BBj 18.0 and higher. Added BBjRecoverFileStatus, BBjRecoverFileStatus::getRecoverStartTimeMillis, BBjRecoverFileStatus::getRecoverFinishTimeMillis, BBjRecoverFileStatus::getOriginalFileType, BBjRecoverFileStatus::getOriginalFilename, BBjRecoverFileStatus::getRecoverBackupFilename, BBjRecoverFileStatus::getOriginalRecordSize, BBjRecoverFileStatus::getOriginalRecordCount, BBjRecoverFileStatus::getRecoveredRecordCount, BBjRecoverFileStatus::getRecordsFound, BBjRecoverFileStatus::getOriginalSize, and BBjRecoverFileStatus::getRecoveredSize for BBj 18.0 and higher.

26 Feb 18

Updated Data Change Auditing.

23 Feb 18

Added BBjGridCell::setData for BBj 18.0 and higher.

22 Feb 18

Added BBjEditBox::isPasswordVisible and BBjEditBox::setPasswordVisible for BBj 18.0 and higher. Added BBjGridCell::getBackColor, BBjGridCell::getChangedData, and BBjGridCell::setBackColor for BBj 18.0 and higher.

16 Feb 18

Added BUI MINI Console to The config.bbx Configuration File - BBj.

13 Feb 18

Added LEVENSHTEIN() - Get Levenshtein distance between two strings for BBj 18.0 and higher.

29 Jan 18

Added BBjspPipelineConfig, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getPipelineConfigs, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::addPipelineConfig, BBjspPipelineStageConfig, BBjspPipelineConfig::getName, BBjspPipelineConfig::getBBjConfig, BBjspPipelineConfig::getFilename, BBjspPipelineConfig::setBBjConfig, BBjspPipelineConfig::getStageNames, BBjspPipelineConfig::getStage, BBjspPipelineConfig::createStage, BBjspPipelineConfig::save, and BBjspPipelineStageConfig, BBjspPipelineStageConfig::getClassname, BBjspPipelineStageConfig::getName, BBjspPipelineStageConfig::getSource for BBj 17.0 and higher.

26 Jan 18

Added BBjJettyContextConfiguration::deleteHeader and BBjJettyContextConfiguration::removeBBjspServlet for BBj 18.0 and higher.

25 Jan 18

Updated BBjEnterpriseNamespace and BBjEnterpriseNamespace::getValue.

24 Jan 18

Added the complete BBJSP documentation for BBj 16.0 and Higher. Added BBjHashMap and related methods for BBj 16.0 and higher.

17 Jan 18

Added BBjGridCell::setMask for BBj 18.0 and higher.

16 Jan 18

Updated THROW Verb for BBj 18.0 and higher. Added BBjGrid::setCells, BBjGridCell::getRelated, BBjGridCell::setRelated, BBjGridCell::getState, BBjGridCell::setState, BBjGridCell::getListSelection, BBjGridCell::setRestore, and BBjGridCell::setListSelection for BBj 18.0 and higher.

11 Jan 18

Added BBjGridCell::getText, BBjGridCell::setText, BBjGridCell::getMask, BBjGridCell::getStyle, BBjGridCell::setStyle, BBjGridCell::getForeColor, BBjGridCell::setForeColor, BBjGridCell::isEditable, BBjGridCell::isSelected, BBjGridCell::setSelected, and BBjGridCell::getRestore for BBj 18.0 and higher.

9 Jan 18

Added BBjGrid::getCellRange, BBjGrid::getColumnData, BBjGrid::getRowData, BBjGrid::setCell, and  BBjGrid::getCell for BBj 18.0 and higher. Updated BBjGridCell for 18.0 and higher.

8 Jan 18

Added BBjGridData, BBjGridData::contains, BBjGridData::first, BBjGridData::get, BBjGridData::getList, BBjGridData::getSize, BBjGridData::hasNext, BBjGridData::isEmpty, BBjGridData::last, BBjGridData::next, BBjGridData::remove, and BBjGridData::startIteration for BBj 18.0 and higher.

3 Jan 18

Updated SQL Full Text Indices for BBj 18.0 and higher.


Date Description

18 Dec 17

Added BBjEventData, BBjEventData::getEventDetail, BBjEventData::getEventId, BBjEventData::getEventName, BBjEventData::getEventType, and BBjEventData::getEventTypeName for BBj 17.0 and higher.

15 Dec 17

Updated STBL(!COMPAT) to specify rounding or truncating for INPUTN values that exceed the precision of the specified mask.

11 Dec 17

Updated CAST(), METHOD Verb, and FIELD Verb for BBj 18.0 and higher.

5 Dec 17

Added Working with Java Arrays. Updated DATE () Function - Convert Julian to Calendar Date - BBj with BBj 18.0 and higher information.

27 Nov 17

Added BBjChart::getClientChartPanel for BBj 18.0 and higher. Updated BBjBarChart, BBjChart, BBjChartExample, BBjCommonChart, BBjGenericChart, BBjLineChart, and BBjPieChart with new information.

20 Nov 17

Updated SQL - CREATE TABLE: Features and Usage and Connecting Using the JDBC Driver with BBj 18.0 and higher information.

10 Nov 17

Added BBjAPI::getErrorInfo, BBjErrorInfo,BBjErrorInfo::getErr, BBjErrorInfo::getErrLine, BBjErrorInfo::getErrMes, BBjErrorInfo::getHostErr, BBjErrorInfo::getLevel, BBjErrorInfo::getProgram, and BBjErrorInfo::getStatement for BBj 17.0 and higher.

12 Oct 17

Added BBjAPI::getEventData for BBj 17.0 and higher.

25 Sept 17

Added Getting Started With the Admin API.

15 Sep 17

Added BBjAPI::getOpenChannels and BBjAPI::getOpenSQLChannels for BBj 18.0 and higher.

13 Sep 17

Updated SQL FULLTEXT Indices with new Stopwords Language Code information for BBj 17.0 and higher.

10 Aug 17

Updated SQL - String Functions with new scalar function for BBj 18.0 and higher.

8 Aug 17

Added BBj 17.x Classpath Overview.

7 Aug 17

Updated DECLARE Verb with new BBj 18.0 and higher information.

25 Jul 17

Added BBjControl::getStyle, BBjControl::getComputedStyle, and BBjControl::setStyle for BBj 18.0 and higher.

6 Jul 17

Added Enterprise Manager - File System: Triggers.

2 Jul 17

Added Working with the BBj Macro Button Eclipse Plug-in.

29 Jun 17

Added Jetty Licensing Settings to Enterprise Manager - BBjServices: Settings.

27 Jun 17

Added BBjBuiManager::getTitle and BBjBuiManager::setTitle for BBj 17.0 and higher.

22 Jun 17

Updated BBjJettyContextConfiguration to include new methods. Added BBjJettyContextConfiguration::addBBjspServlet, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::addCommandConfig, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::addPipelineConfig, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getBBjspServletMappings, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getBBjspServlet, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getCommandConfig, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getCommandConfigs, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getPipelineConfig, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getPipelineConfigs, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getStatus, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::putCommandConfig, and BBjJettyContextConfiguration::setStatus for BBj 17.0 and higher.

12 Jun 17

Added BBjDirectoryChangeEvent, BBjDirectoryChangeEvent::getDirectory, BBjDirectoryChangeEvent::getAction, BBjDirectoryChangeEvent::getChange, BBjDirectoryChangeEvent::getFilename, BBjFileSystem::unwatchAllDirectories, BBjFileSystem::unwatchDirectory, and BBjFileSystem::watchDirectory for BBj 17.0 and higher.

6 Jun 17

Added Enterprise Manager - Security: Settings for BBj 17.0 and higher.

5 Jun 17

Added new INFO(1,7), which reports the data/time BBjServices
was started for BBj 17.0 and higher. Updated The config.bbx Configuration File - BBj to include new USE setting for BBj 17.0 and higher.

31 May 17

Added BBjTopLevelWindow::getValues for BBj 17.0 and higher.

30 May 17

Added BBjWindowValues, BBjWindowValues::getValue, BBjWindowValues::getMap, BBjWindowValues::getText, BBjWindowValues::getSelectedIndex, and BBjWindowValues::isSelected for BBj 17.0 and higher.

26 May 17

Added new MODE option RESOLVE=int to FILEOPEN () for BBj 17.0 and higher.

25 May 17

Added BBjNativeJavaScriptEvent, BBjNativeJavaScriptEvent::getEventMap, and NativeJavaScriptEvent, for BBj 17.0 and higher. Updated BBjHtmlView to include these new events.

24 May 17

Added BBjMDI::getClientX  and BBjMDI::getClientY for BBj 17.0 and higher.

23 May 17

Added BBjAPI::getExistingNamespaceNames for BBj 17.0 and Higher. Added BBjGrid::setViewportColor for BBj 17.0 and higher.

Updated bbjcpl - BBj Compiler for BBj 17.0 and higher.

25 Mar 17

Added BBJSP Overview.

21 Mar 17

Added BBjHtmlView::injectUrl, BBjThinClient::getClientTimeZone, and BBjThinClient::setClientTimeZone for BBj 17.0 and Higher. Also added new method (int alpha) to BBjSysGui::makeColor and BBjAPI::makeColor and BBjColor::getAlpha for BBj 17.0 and higher.

13 Mar 17

Updated SCALL() Function - System Call BBj for BBj 17.0 and Higher. Updated Session-specific Classpath for BBj 17.0 and higher. Updated Converting to BBj from Earlier Versions of BASIS Products for BBj 17.0 and higher (BBj SysConsole and TermConsole both ignore the 'UC' mnemonic with translated function and edit keys).

6 Mar 17

Added BBjMDI::setBackgroundImageFile for BBj 17.0 and higher. Added BBjApplication::getOmitBasisCss, BBjAppConfig::getOmitBasisCss, BBjAppConfig::setOmitBasisCss, BBjAppServer::setOmitBasisCss, BBjAppServer::getOmitBasisCss, and BBjAppConfig::clearOmitBasisCss for BBj 17.0 and higher.

9 Feb 17

Added BBjResizeEvent::isAdjusting for BBj 17.0 and higher. Updated BBjControl::setCausesControlValidation, BBjControl::getCausesControlValidation with new sample code and remarks.

7 Feb 17

Updated SCALL() Function - System Call BBj with BBj 17.0 and Higher specific information.

6 Feb 17

Added BBjMDI::addListButton and BBjMDI::getListButton for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

3 Feb 17

Updated SQL FULLTEXT Indices with new information and added Document Indices for BBj 16.0 and Higher.

1 Feb 17

Added BBJSP, BBJSP Core Tags, BBJSP Tag Libraries, and BBJSP Pagefor BBj 16.0 and Higher.

30 Jan 17

Added BBjJettyServer, BBjAdmin::getJettyServer, BBjJettyServer::isRunning, BBjJettyServer::start, BBjJettyServer::stop, BBjJettyServer::restart, BBjJettyServer::getContextNames, BBjJettyServer::getContext, BBjJettyContextController, BBjJettyContextController::start, BBjJettyContextController::stop, BBjJettyContextController::restart, and BBjJettyContextController::isStarted for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

Updated Running BBj from the Command Line for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

Updated sample program in Interface TextControl::getPlaceholderColor and setPlaceholderColor.

19 Jan 17

Added ON_EDIT_KEYPRESS event to the BBjListEdit Events table. Also, added Interface TextControl::getPlaceholderColor and Interface TextControl::setPlaceholderColor for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

16 Jan 17

Updated Enterprise Manager - Web - SSL Configuration with new topic "Advanced SSL Configuration."

9 Jan 17

Updated Enterprise Manager - File System: Replication Jobs with new information and images.


Date Description

6 Dec 16

Added BBjWindow::getBarChart, BBjWindow::getDataBoundGrid, BBjWindow::getEditBoxSpinner, BBjWindow::getGenericChart, BBjWindow::getInputDSpinner, BBjWindow::getInputESpinner, BBjWindow::getInputNSpinner, BBjWindow::getSlider, BBjWindow::getLineChart, BBjWindow::getMenuButton, BBjWindow::getPieChart.

Updated BBjWindow, BBjWindow::getEditBox, BBjWindow::getDataAwareGrid,  BBjWindow::getGridHeader, and BBjHtmlEdit.

30 Nov 16

Updated the example for BBjHttpResponse::setFile.

28 Nov 16

Added BBjControlScrollEvent::getOrientation, Interface Scrollable, Interface Scrollable::getHorizontalScrollBarHeight, Interface Scrollable::getHorizontalScrollBarPosition, Interface Scrollable::getHorizontalScrollBarWidth,Interface Scrollable::getVerticalScrollBarHeight, Interface Scrollable::getVerticalScrollBarPositionInterface Scrollable::getVerticalScrollBarWidth, Interface Scrollable::isHorizontalScrollBarVisible, Interface Scrollable::isVerticalScrollBarVisible, Interface Scrollable::setHorizontalScrollBarPosition, and Interface Scrollable::setVerticalScrollBarPosition for BBj 17.0 and Higher. Updated BBjControlScrollEvent,  BBjCEdit, BBjGrid,BBjListBox, BBjTree, Scrollbar Move Event - BBj, and Interface Scrollable in BBj 17.0 and Higher.

16 Nov 16

Added BBjAdmin::getQueryAnalysisInfo.Updated BBjGrid documentation to include Scrollable Interface. Updated BI Mnemonic with ESCAPE character information.

15 Nov 16

Added new information covering advanced properties in Web Server (Jetty) Overview. Added BBjListEdit::setMaxLength for BBj 17.0 and Higher. Updated BBjHtmlEdit to support the ON_EDIT_MODIFY event in BBj 17.0 and Higher. Also, added BBjAdmin::release.

3 Nov 16

Added BBj 16.x Classpath Overview.

3 Oct 16

Complete rewrite of the following nine Verbs: CLASS Verb, METHOD Verb, FIELD Verb - BBj, METHODEND Verb, USE Verb, CLASSEND Verb, INTERFACEEND Verb, METHODRET Verb, and INTERFACE Verb.

28 Sep 16

Added BBjGrid::getClientAreaWidth and BBjGrid::getClientAreaHeight for BBj 16.12 and Higher. Also, added BBjAPI::getStbl and BBjAPI::setStbl for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

20 Sep 16

Added BBjTopLevelWindow::removeTitleBarStyle, BBjTopLevelWindow::addTitleBarStyle, BBjTopLevelWindow::getTitleBarStyles, and BBjTopLevelWindow::clearTitleBarStyles for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

15 Sept 16

Updated Web Server Jetty Overview documentation. Added Enterprise Manager - Context Configuration and Enterprise Manager - SSL Configuration for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

12 Sep 16

Added BBjFileSystem::getMimeType for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

6 Sep 16

Added BBjRuntime::getClientMemoryString and equivalent .clientmem Dot command for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

30 Aug 16

Added BBjTreeMouseEvent::getMouseButton.

29 Aug 16

Added BBjWindow::restoreControl for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

26 Aug 16

Added BBj Services Event Handlers for BBj 16.11 and Higher.

25 Aug 16

Added list controls to support left/center/right alignment to BBjListButton, BBjListEdit, BBjWindow::addListButton, BBjWindow::addListBox, BBjListBox, BBjWindow::addListEdit, Interface TextAlignable.

23 Aug 16

Added BBjControl::getParentWindow and BBjAPI::removeNamespace for BBj 17.0 and Higher. Added note to Using Print Preview with workaround for Print issue in VPRO/5 Print Preview.

22 Aug 16

Added BBjSessionInfo::getLineListing and BBjSessionInfo::getTerminalName for BBj 4.0 and Higher.

18 Aug 16

Added Linked Databases to Enterprise Manager documentation.

12 Aug 16

Added an optional parameter to the CLEARP Verb (the level parameter specifies a call level) for BBj 17.0 and Higher. Added BBjSysGui::getChannel for BBj 17.0 and Higher. Added BBjControl::getClientProperty and BBjControl::putClientProperty for BBj 17.0 and Higher. Added STBL("!ERROR_HANDLER") and STBL("!ESCAPE_HANDLER") to STBL Formats - BBj for BBj 17.0 and Higher.Added PRESERVE_TABCTRL_SIZE to STBL ("!COMPAT") for BBj 17.0 and higherAdded optional second parameter to the TCB() Function that returns information about a different program level, for BBj 17.0 and Higher. Added timeout option for PROCESS_EVENTS Verb for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

21 Jun 16

Added ESCAPE_UNWINDS to STBL Formats - BBj for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

8 Jun 16

Added STBL("!DSOPEN") to STBL Formats for PRO/5 15.0 and Higher. Updated XCALL Verb with information for BBj 16.01 and Higher.

7 Jun 16

Added NOSAVEAS mode (disable the PREVIEW "Save As" menu item) Printing in BBj for BBj 17.0 and Higher. Also, addedPRO/5 Memory Mapped Data Server Access documentation for PRO/5 15.0 and Higher. Updated the Using FULLTEXT Files/Indices for Searching with new SPROC BBJ_SEARCH_TABLE.

31 May 16

BBjHtmlView::executeScript enhanced to return a value from the script execution in BBj 17.0 and Higher. Also, added new window creation flag ($80000000$) to BBjWindow::addChildWindow and BBjSysGui::addWindow for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

25 May 16

Added two new !COMPAT flag options to allow duplicate simple variables in CALL and ENTER lists. Also, added BBjFileSystem::getInputStream and BBjFileSystem::getOutputStream for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

18 May 16

Added BBj-specific SWITCH .. CASE .. SWEND Verbs for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

16 May 16

Added TIM=int timeout option to the MSGBOX() Function for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

10 May 16

Added BBjHtmlEdit::getBasicToolbarStyles, BBjHtmlEdit::setBasicToolbarStyles, and BBjHtmlEdit::getAllToolbarStyles for BBj 17.0 and Higher.

9 May 16

Added BBj-specific BITMAP Mnemonic - Draw BITMAP in SYSPRINT Device. Updated BBjAppServer::addStaticResource (for BBj 12.0 and Higher) and BBjAppServer::getStaticResource (for BBj 16.0 and Higher).

4 May 16

Added Interface DragSource implementation in BBj Drag and Drop, BBjButton, BBjToolButton, and BBjMenuButton for BBj 16.0 and Higher.

2 May 16

Added BBjFileChooser::getRestrictedDirectory and BBjFileChooser::setRestrictedDirectory for BBj 16.0 and Higher. Added Remote Database Security (Enterprise Manager) for BBj 16.0 and Higher.

27 Apr 16

Added QuickView Grid Utility - Overview and Enterprise Manager - File System:File Open Stats for BBj 16.0 and Higher.

26 Apr 16

Added two new signatures to BBjAPI::getJDBCConnection for BBj 16.0 and Higher. Added EVAL() Function - Evaluate Expression, BBjFileChooser::isNewFolderEnabled, and BBjFileChooser::setNewFolderEnabled for BBj 16.0 and Higher.

15 Apr 16

Added STBL entries to the Email Utility Overview for BBj 16.0 and Higher.

12 Apr 16

Added BBjJettyContext::getConfig,  BBjJettyContext::getDocBase, Interface TextControl::getPlaceholder, and Interface TextControl::setPlaceholder for BBj 16.0 and Higher.

4 Apr 16

Added BBjJavaServletConfiguration::getClassName, BBjJavaServletConfiguration::getMapping, BBjJavaServletConfiguration::getParameterNames, BBjJavaServletConfiguration::getParameterValue, BBjJavaServletConfiguration::deleteParameter, and BBjJavaServletConfiguration::setParameter for BBj 15.0 and Higher.

30 Mar 16

Added BBjJettyContextConfiguration::removeWelcomeFile, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::setClasspath, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::setConfig, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::setContextStartProgram, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::setContextStopProgram, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::setDocBase, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::setEncoding, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::setParameter, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::setPath, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::setSessionStartProgram, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::setSessionStopProgram, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::setWarFile, and BBjJavaServletConfiguration for BBj 15.0 and Higher.

29 Mar 16

Added BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getJavaServlets, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getParameterNames, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getParameterValue, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getPath, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getServlet, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getServlets, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getSessionStartProgram, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getSessionStopProgram, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getWarFile, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getWelcomeFiles, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::isEnabled, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::removeBBjServlet, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::removeHost, and BBjJettyContextConfiguration::removeJavaServlet for BBj 15.0 and Higher.

28 Mar 16

Added BBjListButton::getOpenWidth, BBjListButton::setOpenWidth, BBjListEdit::setOpenWidth, and BBjListEdit::getOpenWidth for BBj 16.0 and Higher.

22 Mar 16

Updated The Preparing Eclipse for BASIS-Provided Plug-ins, Creating Your First BBj Project, and Eclipse BDT Overview documentation (BDT Documentation Updates for BBj 16.00, Mars Only.

16 Mar 16

Added BBjJettyContextConfiguration::addBBjServlet, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::addHost, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::addJavaServlet, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::addWelcomeFile, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::canDelete, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::deleteParameter, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::disable, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::enable, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getClasspath, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getConfig, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getContextStartProgram, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getContextStopProgram, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getDocBase, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getEncoding, BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getHosts, and BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getJavaServlet for BBj 15.0 and Higher.

14 Mar 16

Added BBjAPI::copy for BBj 16.0 and Higher. Added BBjServletConfiguration, BBjServletConfiguration::setConfig, BBjServletConfiguration::getConfig, BBjServletConfiguration::setProgram, BBjServletConfiguration::getProgram, and BBjServletConfiguration::getName for BBj 15.0 and Higher. Added BBjJettyContextConfiguration for BBj 15.0 and Higher.

1 Mar 16

Added new DAYSINMONTH(date_exp) and DAYSINYEAR(date_exp) to SQL - Time and Date Functions. Added VECTOR() - Convert Array to Vector for BBj 16.0 and Higher.

24 Feb 16

Added BBjString::isEmpty, BBjString::lastIndexOf, BBjString::length, BBjString::matches, BBjString::offsetByCodePoints, BBjString::regionMatches, BBjString::replace, BBjString::replaceAll, BBjString::replaceFirst, BBjString::split, BBjString::startsWith, BBjString::subSequence, BBjString::substring, BBjString::toCharArray, BBjString::toLowerCase, BBjString::toUpperCase, BBjString::trim for BBj 7.0 and Higher.

23 Feb 16

Added BBjString::codePointBefore, BBjString::codePointCount, BBjString::compareTo, BBjString::compareToIgnoreCase, BBjString::concat, BBjString::contains, BBjString::endsWith, BBjString::equals, BBjString::equalsIgnoreCase, BBjString::getChars, BBjString::hashCode, BBjString::indexOf, and BBjString::intern for BBj 7.0 and Higher.

22 Feb 16

Added BBjRecordSet::getQuery, BBjRecordSet::getTemplate, BBjRecordSet::getConnectString, BBjRecordSet::isScrollSensitive, BBjRecordSet::getFileName, BBjRecordSet::isUpdatable, and BBjRecordSet::getMode for BBj 15.0 and Higher. Added BBjAdmin::removeDatabaseGlobal for BBj 9.0 and Higher. Added BBjTemplatedString::clear and BBjTemplatedString::getReconciledString for BBj 16.0 and Higher.

17 Feb 16

Added BBjStoredProcedureData::getUserName, BBjStoredProcedureData::getPassword, BBjStoredProcedureData::setResultSet for BBj 6.0 and Higher.

16 Feb 16

Added a STBL("!COMPAT") option, RADIOBUTTON_SELECT, to STBL Formats - BBj for BBj 16.0 and Higher. Added BBjCommandLineObject::setProgramArgsVector for BBj 4.0 and Higher.

2 Feb 16

Added BBjMenu::getParentMenu, BBjMenu::getParentPopupMenu, BBjMenuItem::getParentMenu, BBjMenu::getParentMenuBar, BBjMenuItem::getParentPopupMenu for BBj 16.0 and Higher. Also added BBjConfig::isReleaseOnLostConnection for BBj 2.01 and Higher.

1 Feb 16

Added new CHARSET= MODE option to the ENCRYPT() and DECRYPT() functions for BBj 16. and Higher.

29 Jan 16

Added Perpetual Licensing information to BASIS License Types.

27 Jan 16

Added BBjString::charAt and BBjString::codePointAt for BBj 7.0 and Higher. Added Drop Procedure Syntax to BBj Create/Alter Procedure.

26 Jan 16

Added new STBL ("!OPTIONS") setting for BUI Windows (FULL_WIDTH_TITLE) for BBj 16.0 and Higher.

20 Jan 16

Added BBjNumber, BBjNumber::booleanValue, BBjNumber::byteValue, BBjNumber::doubleValue, BBjNumber::equals, BBjNumber::floatValue, BBjNumber::hashCode, BBjNumber::intValue, BBjNumber::longValue, BBjNumber::shortValue, BBjNumber::toString and BBjString (for BBj 7.0 and Higher).

13 Jan 16

Added BBjAPI::clearLastBBjException and BBjAPI::clearLastJavaException (for BBj 16.0 and Higher). Updated WindowBuilder Overview documentation.

11 Jan 16

Added BBjScrollBar::setBlockIncrement and BBjScrollBar::getBlockIncrement (for BBj 16.0 and Higher).


Date Description

30 Nov 15

Added BBjWindow::raise (for BBj 9.0 and Higher), BBjEvent::getEventName (for BBj 16.0 and Higher), and BBjImage::isValid.

17 Nov 15

Added BBjGrid::getColumnWidths (for BBj 15.0 and Higher), BBjJettyServerConfiguration::removeCustomContext, BBjJettyServerConfiguration::getContextNames, BBjJettyServerConfiguration::saveConfig, BBjJettyServerConfiguration::getRootContextInfo, BBjJettyServerConfiguration::getEmContextInfo, BBjJettyServerConfiguration::setAdminUser, and BBjJettyServerConfiguration::setAdminPassword (for BBj 15.0 and Higher).

16 Nov 15

Updated IFF() with new information and sample code. Added BBjHttpResponse::getLocale (BBj 12.0 and Higher), BBjHttpSession::getContext, BBjJettyContext::containsAttribute, BBjJettyServerConfiguration, BBjAdmin::getJettyServerConfig, BBjJettyServer::createCustomContext, and BBjJettyContextConfiguration::getCustomContext (BBj 15.0 and Higher).

11 Nov 15

Added BBjHtmlView::injectScript and BBjHtmlView::executeScript, BBjButton::getDisableOnClick, BBjButton::setDisableOnClick, BBjToolButton::getDisableOnClick, BBjToolButton::setDisableOnClick, BBjMenuButton::getDisableOnClick and BBjMenuButton::setDisableOnClick (for BBj 16.0 and Higher). Updated Hyperlink Parameters in JasperReports for BBj 16.0 and Higher information.

21 Oct 15

Added BBjGrid::getVisibleColumnCount (for BBj 15.0 and Higher).

Added BBjHttpRequest::isRequestedSessionIdFromURL, BBjHttpRequest::isRequestedSessionIdValid, BBjHttpResponse::encodeRedirectURL, BBjHttpResponse::encodeURL, and BBjHttpResponse::setLocale.

20 Oct 15

Added BBjHttpRequest::getLocale, BBjHttpRequest::getLocales, BBjHttpRequest::getParameter, and BBjHttpRequest::isRequestedSessionIdFromCookie (for BBj 12.0 and Higher).

19 Oct 15

Added BBjTabCtrl::setTabHeight and updated INFO() - Get System Information to add (INFO(3,9) for BBj 16.0 and Higher.

14 Oct 15

Added BBjDrawPanel::setOpaque, BBjDrawPanel::setPattern, BBjDrawPanel::setPenColor, BBjDrawPanel::setPenWidth, BBjDrawPanel::setRound, BBjDrawPanel::setScribble, BBjDrawPanel::setTextColor (for BBj 16.0 and Higher).

13 Oct 15

Added BBjWindow::getDrawPanelBBjDrawPanel::moveTo, BBjDrawPanel::popBBjDrawPanel::push, BBjDrawPanel::setBackColor, BBjDrawPanel::setDrawMode, BBjDrawPanel::setDrawUnits, BBjDrawPanel::setEnableRepaint, BBjDrawPanel::setFillColor, BBjDrawPanel::setFillType (for BBj 16.0 and Higher).

12 Oct 15

Added BBjDrawPanel::drawText, BBjDrawPanel::getDrawPanelImage, BBjDrawPanel::getFillColor, BBjDrawPanel::getFillType, BBjDrawPanel::getPattern, BBjDrawPanel::getPenColor, BBjDrawPanel::getPenWidth, BBjDrawPanel::getTextColor, BBjDrawPanel::getTrack(for BBj 16.0 and Higher).

6 Oct 15

Added BBjDrawPanel, BBjDrawPanel::clearDrawing, BBjDrawPanel::drawArc, BBjDrawPanel::drawArrowBBjDrawPanel::drawEllipse, BBjDrawPanel::drawImage, BBjDrawPanel::drawLineBBjDrawPanel::drawLineTo, BBjDrawPanel::drawPoint, BBjDrawPanel::drawPolygon,BBjDrawPanel::drawPolyline,and BBjDrawPanel::drawRect (for BBj 16.0 and Higher).

30 Sep 15

Added BBjHttpResponse::setFile.

29 Sep 15

Added BBjHtmlView::getImage,  BBiBuiManager::setCallback, and BBjBrowserBackEvent and updated BBjBuiManager (for BBj 16.0 and Higher).

28 Sep 15

Added BBJ_EXEC_SQL to Built-in Stored Procedures (for BBj 15.10 and Higher).

Added -p<password> to bbjlst - BBj Lister (option that specifies password for password-protected programs in BBj 16 and Higher).

16 Sep 15

Added BBMig Layout Manager Overview.

15 Sep 15

Updated SETOPTS Verb with SETOPTS byte 9 bit $10$ and OPEN Verb - Open File with OPEN mode "PIPE" (for BBj 15.10 and Higher and PRO/5 15.01 and higher).

14 Sep 15

Added new BBj Function Debugging (for BBj 15.0 and Higher).

01 Sep 15

Added the following note regarding pipe references to several topics:

In PRO/5 15.01 and higher, and BBj 15.10 and higher, the OPEN verb by default is restricted from opening pipes (commands starting with "<", ">", or "|") inconsole mode.  This is to protect against accidentally overwriting a data file as a side effect of inadvertently specifying a pipe expression.  To open a pipe at console, set SETOPTS byte 9 bit $10$ or include MODE="PIPE" in the OPEN.

28 Aug 15

Updated "Connecting Using the JDBC Driver" adding "Using Database Defined Properties" and updated STBL (!"OPTIONS") with BBj 16.0 and higher information.

25 Aug 15

Added BBjApplication::getDevelopmentMode and BBjApplication::getManageBrowserHistory (for BBj 16.0 and Higher).

Also added BBjAppConfig::clearDevelopmentMode, BBjAppConfig::clearManageBrowserHistory, BBjAppConfig::getDevelopmentMode, BBjAppConfig::getManageBrowserHistory, BBjAppConfig::setDevelopmentMode, and BBjAppConfig::getManageBrowserHistory (for BBj 16.0 and Higher).

24 Aug 15

Added BBjAppServer::getDevelopmentMode, BBjAppServer::getManageBrowserHistory, BBjAppServer::setDevelopmentMode, and BBjAppServer::setManageBrowserHistory (for BBj 16.0 and Higher).

17 Aug 15

Added two new BBjListBox creation flags in BBjWindow::addListBox (for BBj 16.0 and Higher). Added BBjSessionInfo::getMessage (for BBj 16.0 and Higher) and updated the BBj STBL Formats.

12 Aug 15

Added BBjFileChooser::getDropZoneVisible and BBjFileChooser::setDropZoneVisible (for BBj 16.0 and Higher). Also, added methods from BBjListSpinner to BBjEditBoxSpinner and BBjInputESpinner.

11 Aug 15

Added BBjHtmlEdit::getPlainText, BBjHtmlEdit::getText, BBjHtmlEdit::setPlainText, and BBjHtmlEdit::setText (for BBj 16.0 and Higher). Also, updated BBjWindow::addCEdit with new informational note and replaced code sample in BBjTabControl::isCloseable.

10 Aug 15

Added BBjHtmlEdit::getBasicToolbar and BBjHtmlEdit::setBasicToolbar (for BBj 16.0 and Higher).

5 Aug 15

Updated the BBj Page Loaded Event (for BBj 16.0 and Higher), added BBjHtmlEdit and BBjWindow::addBBjHtmlEdit (BBj 16.0 and Higher).

4 Aug 15

Added KEYR() - BBj Key Requested Function (BBj 15.0 and Higher)

3 Aug 15

Added BBj 15.x Classpath Overview. Added getScreenBounds() and getScreenBounds(int screen) to the "Methods of BBjSystemMetrics" table on the BBjSystemMetrics page.

27 July 15

Added/updated the following documentation for BBjServletData, BBjServletEvent, and BBjServletRegistry for BBj 12.0 and Higher: BBjAPI::getServletData (updated with current information), BBjServletData (BBj 12.0 and Higher), BBjServletData::clearCallback (BBj 15.0 and Higher), BBjServletData::setCallback (BBj 15.0 and Higher), BBjServletEvent (BBj 12.0 and Higher), BBjServletEvent::getHttpRequest (BBj 15.0 and Higher), BBjServletEvent::getHttpResponse (BBj 15.0 and Higher), BBjServletRegistry (BBj 12.0 and Higher), BBjServletRegistry::publish (BBj 15.0 and Higher), and BBjServletRegistry::unpublish (BBj 15.0 and Higher).

15 July 15

Added two new methods to BBjBuiManager - getShowConfirmCloseDialog() and setShowConfirmCloseDialog() for BBj 16.0 and higher.

13 July 15

Updated BBj Date Input and DATE Function - Convert Julian to Calendar Date - BBj to reflect INPUTD supporting year/month and year/week in BBj 16 and higher.

8 July 15

Updated SQLOPEN Verb - Open SQL Channel BBj to reflect that BBj 15.00 no longer supports ODBC. Added/replaced text and code sample.

19 June 15

Updated/Enhanced documentation for debugging SPROCs in Debugging Stored Procedures.

17 June 15

Added missing BBjAdmin::getServletRegistry and BBjServletData. Updated BBjTriggerData::getWriteBuffer with corrected description and code sample.

3 June 15

Added missing BCI Nodes - Suites. Updated sample for CommonGrid::getColumnStyle. Updated BBjWindow by adding BBjWindow::getReportAllKeyEvents and BBjWindow::setReportAllKeyEvents. Updated BBjKeypressEvent by adding BBjKeypressEvent::getOriginalControl.

2 June 15

Updated STBL Formats - BBj to include the CONSOLE_PROGRAM_MODIFIED !OPTIONS key.  Updated BBjWindow, added BBjWindow::getRepaintEnabled and BBjWindow::setRepaintEnabled.

26 May 15

Updated Tab Control Notify Events, Tab Popup Notify Event, BBjImageManager, and BBjImageManager::getImageCount.

21 May 15

Added BBjToolButtonPushEvent::isCmdDown, BBjToolButtonPushEvent::isAltDown.  Updated Tool Button Push Event, BBjToolButtonPushEvent.

20 May 15

Added BBjPopupMenu::isVisible, BBjTabCtrl::isCloseable, BBjTabCtrl::isCloseableAt, BBjTabCtrl::setCloseable, BBjTabCtrl::setCloseableAt, BBjTabCloseEvent, Tab Close Notify Event, BBjTabCloseEvent::getIndex, BBjTabCloseEvent::getTitle, Tab Popup Notify Event, BBjTabPopupEvent, BBjTabPopupEvent::getIndex, BBjTabPopupEvent::getTitle, BBjTabPopupEvent::getX, BBjTabPopupEvent::getY.  Updated BBjTabCtrl, BBjWindow::addTabCtrl, Tab Control Notify Events.

4 May 15

Added BBjGrid::setDragEnabled and BBjGrid::getDragEnabled.  Added RecordSet parameter to RESGET() Function - Get Resource BBj.

17 Apr 15

Added BBjWindow::getIcons, BBjWindow::setIcons, BBjImageManager::getImageCount, BBjWindow::getIcon; updated BBjImageManager::loadImageFromFile, BBjWindow::setIcon, MINICON Mnemonic

14 Apr 15

Added FULLTEXT file type to FIN() Function, FID() Function, and XFID() Function

13 Apr 15

Updated BDT Overview and Creating a WindowBuilder Project

9 Apr 15

Added LDAP and Active Directory User Authentication for BBj 15.0 and Higher, Data Change Auditing, a listing of new benefits in the Benefits of the SAM Feature Line, new 2,8 argument in INFO() Function; updated sample in SQLFETCH()

1 Apr 15

Added BBjGridEditStopEvent::getValue, get/setSnapToRowHeight to BBjGrid, note in UNIX Remote Host Validation

26 Mar 15

Added features to the Enhanced Grid Selection Model

23 Mar 15

Added BBjHttpResponse::getHeaders; updated BBjGeolocation::getCurrentPosition, and BBjSlider with get/setLabels

12 Mar 15

Added a "Superseded" watermark on those topics in legacy Enterprise Manager that have replacement topics for the Browser/Eclipse Enterprise Manager (i.e. Introduction)

11 Mar 15

Added new BBjCloseEvent methods getText, getValues, getSelectedIndex, getValue, isSelected; enhanced Index with Browser > Enterprise Manager entries and TOC with Enterprise Manager - Superseded and Enterprise Manager - Browser/Eclipse entries

9 Mar 15

Added Accessing Third Party Databases for the Browser EM and Eclipse EM; updated SQL - Grammar, BBj SQL Engine Grammar Example, BBj Support for SQL-99 and SQL-2003 Features

6 Mar 15

Added note in JavaBBjBridge about multiple threads

4 Mar 15

Added new BBjTabCtrl methods setImageSizeAt, clearImageSizeAt, getImageHeightAt, getImageWidthAt, added "regular expression" index entries to MASK(); deprecated Running BBj Thin Client from an Applet

22 Feb 15

Added BBjWindow::getReportAllKeyEvents, BBjWindow::setReportAllKeyEvents, BBjKeypressEvent::getOriginalControl, new flag to BBjSysGui::addWindow, BBjWindow::addChildWindow

19 Feb 15

Expanded Remarks in BBjGrid::setEnhancedSelectionModelEnabled

18 Feb 15

Completed BBjHttpResponse methods; added optional HTML5 type parameter to BBjWindow::addEditbox;  added BBjEditBox::getEditType, BBjControl::getAttribute, BBjControl::setAttribute

13 Feb 15

Completed the BBjHttpRequest methods, added BBjButton getBeep, setBeep, BBjMenuButton getBeep, setBeep, BBjToolButton getBeep, setBeep; BUI What's Implemented; updated Optimizing GUI Apps to Run in BUI, text and sample in Resource File Contents and Structure, Defining Window Resources,

12 Feb 15

Added BBjGrid isEnabled, setEnabled; added BBjStandardGrid setSelectedCell; added BBjAPI getLastBBjException and getLastJavaException; updated the Installing BASIS Products - Windows; expanded the description of EXTRACT and INPUT verbs

10 Feb 15

Added BBjCookie methods, FULLTEXT Verb, Full Text Indexing and Searching, FULLTEXT File Type, SQL FULLTEXT Indices, Using FULLTEXT Files/Indices For Searching, BBjSysGui::beep, $0C$ to XFID; added UAC Configuration wizard to Installing BASIS Product 10.x and Higher - Windows

6 Feb 15

Added methods to BBjHttpSession, BBjPopupMenu::hide, note about Java 1.8 in Connecting to an ODBC Data Source

30 Jan 15

Added Licensing Considerations to Eclipse Database Procedures, updated Introduction, Scheduling, and Servers

29 Jan 15

Added getUserAgent and setUserAgent to BBjHtmlView; links to new alphabetic listings (Functions, Mnemonics, Variables, Verbs) in their respective topics

26 Jan 15

Added Enhanced Grid Selection Model and links to it from related topics; added new alphabetic listings for Functions, Mnemonics, Variables, Verbs

20 Jan 15

Added more parameters to Running BBj Thin Client From an Applet; more remarks to BBjGrid::setSelectionMode; missing entry in addBarChart, addLineChart, addPieChart

14 Jan 15

Added BBjGridCell and methods getColumn and getRow; added new BBjGrid methods getSelectedCell, getSelectedCells, getShouldHighlightSelectedColumn, makeCell, setShouldHighlightSelectedColumn, isEnhancedSelectionModelEnabled, setEnhancedSelectionModelEnabled, setSelectedCell, setSelectedCells; updated Session-specific Classpath for Creating or Modifying an SSCP Using Enterprise Manager in Eclipse

8 Jan 15

Added a Setting–Hex column/data to the Event Mask Constants table in Predefined Constants; updated BBjPopupMenu methods addMenuItem, getID, insertMenuItem, removeMenuItemAt, show

7 Jan 15

Updated description in Eclipse EM Security - Groups, link in BDT Overview

6 Jan 15

Added SQL - Statement Temporary Files, added new ON_GRID_LIST_* events to the CALLBACK Verb, added note about running from the command line in Administration Wizard


Date Description

31 Dec 14

Added BBjGridListEvent and getIndex and getValue; added related BBjGridListCancelEvent, BBjGridListChangeEvent, BBjGridListClickEvent, BBjGridListCloseEvent, BBjGridListOpenEvent, BBjGridListSelectEvent; added Grid Notify Events LISTCANCEL, LISTCHANGE, LISTCLICK, LISTCLOSE, LISTOPEN, and LISTSELECT; and updated the Events Correspondence Table accordingly

30 Dec 14

Added Hyperlink Parameters in JasperReports, expanded the Remarks section and changed int to boolean in BBjStandardGrid::setUpdateCached; corrected sample in BBjAPI::getMDI

23 Dec 14

Added FONT_STRIKEOUT to BBjFont, added MDI_CONTEXT to BBjMDI, noted unlimited keys in XKEYED Verb, updated IF Verb syntax and notation about ENDIF; added note about TCB(10) Java error in TCB() Function

18 Dec 14

Added configuration field descriptions in ODBC Driver, updated Database Tables in Eclipse EM, expanded Licensing Consumption; reconciled the Events Correspondence Table to include any missing objects that also appear on ON_DROP_TARGET_DROP

16 Dec 14

Added get/setMaximumRowCount to BBjPopupMenu, LCLICKED2 Grid Notify Event to the Events Correspondence Table and updated the description in LCLICKED, an error notation in LOCK Verb, remark in BBjGridMouseEvent and setMouseCapture, case insensitive flag to XFIN(), ON_DROP_TARGET_DROP to all objects listed in the Events Correspondence Table; updated sample in BBjMDI::getDefaultForwardMenuAccelerators, Eclipse Database Tables and Setting Tab, remarks in Interface BBjGridEvent::getDataAwareGrid, details in steps 3 of Emergency Licensing and in Licensing Consumption

5 Dec 14

Added new BBjWindowScrollEvent methods getHorizontalScrollValue, getScrollOrientation, getVerticalScrollValue, isAdjusting; updated BBjServices Overview with note about bbjnative; changed "string title" in "string initialContents" in BBjListBox, BBjListButton, BBjListEdit

24 Nov 14

Added BBjGrid::setEnhancedSelectionModelEnabled and BBjGrid::isEnhancedSelectionModelEnabled, BBjJettyContext and its methods, BBjFileSystem::resolvePath; updated BBjObject Diagram and WindowBuilder Overview

31 Oct 14

Updated Programming Triggers

24 Oct 14

Added BBjWindow::getReportAllMouseEvents, BBjWindow::setReportAllMouseEvents, BBjMouseEvent::getOriginalControl, and a new $10000000$ flag to BBjSysGui::addWindow and BBjWindow::addChildWindow; added BBUtils; changed boolean to string in BBjWindow::getWindowFlags and getData name method to BBjHttpRequest::getBody

20 Oct 14

Added BBjSysGui::getLastEvent

17 Oct 14

Added Attributes and complete Nodes Listing to all BCI Nodes;Interface TextControl::setDisabledTextColor and Interface TextControl::getDisabledTextColor; added Interface TextControl implementation to BBjEditBoxSpinner, BBjInputDSpinner, BBjInputESpinner, BBjInputNSpinner; added BBjMouseEvent::getLegacyMouseButton and updated BBjMouseEvent::getMouseButton; updated BBjControl::showToolTipText, !ERROR=12 - Missing or Duplicate File

8 Oct 14

Added Google Apps Version 3 API

26 Sep 14

Updated Widget Wizard; added new MODE to MSGBOX() Function

24 Sep 14

Added BBjSystemMetrics::getDevicePixelRatio

22 Sep 14

Added BBjEditBox::getSelection, BBjEditBox::select

19 Sep 14

Added BBjMenuButtonisDropdownMenuVisible, setDropdownButtonWidth, getDropdownButtonWidth

17 Sep 14

Added IMAGECTRL_DISABLEABLE STBL, MENUBUTTON_FOCUSABLE, MENUBUTTON_TAB_TRAVERSABLE to STBL Formats - BBj ("!COMPAT"); added Interface Focusable and TabTraversable to BBjMenuButton; added isDisableable and setDisableable to BBjImageCtrl; updated REV Variable

15 Sep 14

Added clearImageSize, getImageHeight, getImageWidth, setImageSize to BBjButton, BBjMenuButton, and BBjToolButton and their own individual topics

12 Sep 14

Added BBjControl::showToolTipText and BBjMenuItem::clearImageSize, getImageHeight, getImageWidth, setImageSize; added BBjImage::getHeight, BBjImage::getWidth; added/updated BBjSystemMetrics::getScreenBounds, getScreenCount, getScreenInsets, getScreenNumber, getScreenSize, getSystemColor; updated MODE="EXISTS=option" in FILEOPEN() and FILESAVE(), BBjCheckableMenuItem, updated Program Identifiers in BBj Changes from Earlier Versions of BASIS Products

10 Sep 14

Added Widget Wizard, removed $00$+ from SENDMSG() Function 41, 44, 45, 46,  48, 60, 67, 70, 73

28 Aug 14

Added BUI CSS Component Styles and index entries for all topics containing CSS style references

22 Aug 14

Updated TCB(10) in TCB() Function

18 Aug 14

Added Interface TabTraversable to BBjChildWindow; updated Creating a WindowBuilder Project text and images

13 Aug 14

Added BBjListBox::setImageAt and setTextAt, BBjListButton::setImageAt and setTextAt, BBjListEdit::setImageAt and setTextAt; BBjMenuButton::setDropdownMenuVisible

4 Aug 14

Updated BBjTree and setCollapsedIcon, setExpandedIcon, setLeafIcon; added clearNodeSelectedIcon, setNodeSelectedIcon, setNodeSelectedImage, setCollapsedImage, setExpandedImage, setLeafImage, setSelectedImage, and isRootVisible, setRootVisible

1 Aug 14

Added BBjTopLevelWindow::getMinimumHeight, getMinimumWidth, setMinimumSize; added flags to BBjWindow::addTree; updated FILEOPEN() and FILESAVE() Functions and Creating Your First BBj Project

28 Jul 14

Added BBjTabDeselectedEvent::getTitle and BBjTabSelectedEvent::getTitle

25 Jul 14

Added BBjSysGui::getScaleX, getScaleY, setScale, and BBjMouseEvent::isCmdDown; updated BBjScrollWheelEvent

22 Jul 14

Changed the name of constant 122 to DATABOUND_GRID_CONTROL in BBjControl, removed the outdated field terminators text from READ Verb - BBj

21 Jul 14

Updated Creating Your First BBj Project and its images for the BDT

18 Jul 14

Added GET_RESULT_SET_DSV to Built-in Stored Procedures and MODE="EXISTS=option" to FILEOPEN() and FILESAVE() Functions

17 Jul 14

Added BUI Overview and Optimizing GUI Apps to Run in BUI; updated Printing in BBj, BUI Getting Started, and the sample in BBjTree::removeDescendants

16 Jul 14

Added 9 $20$ to SETOPTS Verb - BBj; OPENBASIC_ARRAY47 to STBL Formats - BBj

15 Jul 14

Added Asynchronous Triggers, Dashboard Widgets; BUI topics Browser Inspectors, CSS Window Manager, User Authentication, and a supplemental BBjWindow; added BBjMenuButton and BBjToolButton to the BBj Events Correspondence Table, and sqlchannels to DUMP Verb - BBj.

14 Jul 14

Added NATIVE_SCROLLBAR; scrollSensitive and updateable to BBjAPI::createSQLRecordSet; three options to the DUMP Verb - BBj

11 Jul 14

Added OVERLAY, WINDELETE, WINRESTORE, and WINSAVE mnemonics; link to Connecting Using the JDBC Driver in ODBC Drivers; BUI CSS information to MSGBOX() Function

9 Jul 14

Added STBL("!OPTIONS") JAVAFX_HTMLVIEW for enhanced BBjHtmlView GUI control; added BBj 14.x Classpath Overview

7 Jul 14

Added more BUI CSS comments in various topics such as BBjListButton (index search on BUI > CSS for a listing)

3 Jul 14

Added !FIELDOVERFLOW to STBL Formats; added BUI CSS comments throughout various topics (index search on BUI > CSS for a listing)

30 Jun 14

Added a user configurable <heartbeat> start option XCALL Utility; updated BBjControl constant 17 to TEXT_CONTROL

24 Jun 14

Updated get/setUserProperty/ies, etc. in BBjThinClient and added BBjThinClient::clearUserProperties; added get/setBorderColor to BBjChildWindow; BBjHttpRequest::getData; added SETOPTS Verb 9 $40$ for zero padding on N field;

20 Jun 14

Added BBjMDI::setBackgroundImage, LEGACY_WINDOW_POSITION and THOROUGHBRED_IF47 to STBL Formats - BBj, BBjThinClient::getUserProperties and BBjThinClient::setUserProperties; added remark to BBjGridMouseMoveEvent, conversion option and 256 update to CVT() Function - BBj; updated example in BBjStandardGrid::setRowHeaderVerticalAlignment and added TO_DATE and TO_TIMESTAMP to ODBC Driver Time and Date Functions, MODE=options to DUMP Verb; updated the instructions for setting default encryption on a Sun Intel or Solaris Platform in Encryption; updated BBXImage with filtering methods; updated remarks in BBjGrid::moveToNextCell, THROW Verb; removed CTRL() Function 13 from CTRL() Function; added dictionary_format to Creating and Dropping Databases via SQL

28 May 14

Updated coordinates remarks in BBjStandardGrid::sortByColumn and !ERR=202 remark in THROW Verb; corrected return value in BBjSysGui::getWindows

19 May 14

Added STRIP_ACCENTS to SQL - String Functions; updated GET_RESULT_SET_CSV syntax in Built-in Stored Procedures

15 May 14

Added BASIS Update Service (BUS) Overview, updated IFF() Function - Test True/False Expression

12 May 14

Updated INFO() Function with reference to DSUDDB modification; added REDIM Verb and noted it in String Templates; added BBjWindow::getWindowImage and BBjSystemMetrics::getScreenImage; added the following to BBjTopLevelWindow - getOuterHeight, getOuterWidth, getOuterX, getOuterY

9 May 14

Added WindowBuilder Overview; added CHANOPT Verb - BB and updated Socket Overview for Using STARTTLS; updated images in Dashboard topics and Creating a WindowBuilder Project

5 May 14

Added BBjFormValidationEvent::getMenuButton, BBjFormValidationEvent::getToolButton; TCB(21) and TCB(22); added Creating a WindowBuilder Project, and Installing BASIS Products 10.x and Higher - Windows; Dashboard Types, Dashboard Charts and Datasets, and Dashboard Chart Customization

18 Apr 14

Added Screen Capture Utility; BBjPopupMenu::insertCheckableMenuItem, BBjPopupMenu::addCheckableMenuItem, BBjPopupMenu::getCheckableMenuItemAt, BBjPopupMenu::getCheckableMenuItem, BBjMenu::getCheckableMenuItem, BBjMenu::insertCheckableMenuItem, BBjMenu::getCheckableMenuItemAt, BBjMenu::addCheckableMenuItem

11 Apr 14

Added Dashboard and BBXImage utilities; added BBjMouseEvent::getScreenX and BBjMouseEvent::getScreenY

9 Apr 14

Updated Remarks in BBjSysGui::setRepaintEnabled

2 Apr 14

Corrected XCALL Verb example to getGlobalNamespace; added "Deprecated" watermarks to deprecated topics

28 Mar 14


26 Mar 14

Added BBjBuiManager::getUrl; added LEGACY_CHN_LIMIT and LEGACY_SQLCHN_LIMIT to STBL("!COMPAT")

21 Mar 14

Added BBjWindow::getHorizontalScrollPosition, BBjWindow::getHorizontalScrollWidth, BBjWindow::getVerticalScrollHeight, BBjWindow::getVerticalScrollPosition, BBjWindow::setHorizontalScrollPosition, BBjWindow::setVerticalScrollPosition

17 Mar 14

Updated BCI Classes for managing certificates - StartInstallCustomActionData and InstallCustomActionData; added getBackColorAt, setBackColorAt, getForeColorAt, and setForeColorAt to BBjTabCtrl

19 Feb 14

Added BBjTabCtrl::getToolTipText and BBjTabCtrl::setToolTipText; added 'capture'(windowID) to CAPTURE Mnemonic

18 Feb 14

Updated BBjWindow::getFocusedControl, BBjWindow::getFocusedControlID; updated Encryption and added CRYPTPASS= and CRYPTALG= Mode Options table to STRING Verb, INDEXED Verb, SORT Verb, DIRECT Verb, FILE Verb, XFILE Verb, MKEYED Verb, XKEYED Verb, VKEYED Verb

13 Feb 14

Added <debug> to XCALL Utility

12 Feb 14

Added Interface Injectable, getInjectString, setInjectString; updated CSS API samples

10 Feb 14

Added BBjFileUpload and its corresponding methods; added getFileUpload and getFileUploads to BBjHttpRequest; updated BBjWindow::addPieChart and BBjWindow::addGenericChart

4 Feb 14

Added remarks to RELOCATE Mnemonic

31 Jan 14

Replaced all references to JRE with JDK throughout several topics, e.g. Installing BBj - Windows; updated plug-in links inPreparing Eclipse

22 Jan 14

Added RESIZE Mnemonic - Change the SysConsole/Window Size, IND=5 to FIN() Function - File Information - BBj

8 Jan 14

Added note in ENTER Grid Notify Event and BBjGridEnterKeyEvent about getEnterAsTab() <link>; correctedGAppsLoginDialog; added DSKSYN Items image to EM Servers; added See Also links to EM-Introduction; added an image to BBj Services - Scheduling and section links to BBj Services - Settings; added BBj Services - Memory Usage; added See Also cross reference links to all BBjServices topics in Eclipse EM


Date Description

26 Dec 13

Added Applications to Web > JNLP in Eclipse EM; updated client description in BBjAPI::getBBjPrinter

9 Dec 13


22 Nov 13

Updated BBjFileInfo::changeKey remarks

12 Nov 13

Added BBjMDI::getMenuButton, getStatusBar, getToolButton

4 Nov 13

Updated BBjInterpreterServer::serverExec and BBjThinClient::clientExec; correctly linked INITFILE Verb BBj to INITFILE Verb: updated RoboHelp to build new whproxy.js for Chrome version 30

31 Oct 13

Added a link to a zip file with contents required to run the example in BBjAppConfig, BBjAppConfig::buildApplication, BBjAppConfig::getApplicationIcon, BBjAppConfig::getLoadImage, BBjAppConfig::getProgramName, BBjAppConfig::getStyleSheet, BBjAppConfig::makeCopy, BBjAppConfig::setApplicationIcon, BBjAppConfig::setLoadImage, BBjAppConfig::setProgramName, BBjAppConfig::setStyleSheet, BBjAppServer::publish, BBjAppServer::unpublish

 29 Oct 13

Updated descriptions and examples in BBjAppServer methods; added STYLE=name to FILEOPEN(),  FILESAVE(), and MSGBOX(); added BBjGainedFocusEvent::getText; added BBjActivateEvent::getActivationType, getTopLevelWindow, isMinimized; added BBjDeactivateEvent::getActivationType,getTopLevelWindow,isMinimized; added Interface TextControl::getTopMargin, getBottomMargin, getLeftMargin, getRightMargin, setTopMargin, setBottomMargin, setLeftMargin, setRightMargin; added BBjInputD and BBjInputN to Interface TextControl

9 Oct 13

Updated formatting of Examples in various BBjAppConfig, BBjApplication, and BBjResourceUrl methods; completed BBjAppServer

8 Oct 13

Updated Utility Package descriptions; changed string port to int port in BBjEnterpriseNamespace (previously changed in BBjAPI::getEnterpriseNamespace)

4 Oct 13

Added BBjApplication and its methods

3 Oct 13

Added BBjBuiAppCloseAction, BBjBuiCloseAction, BBjBuiDefaultCloseAction, BBjBuiMsgCloseAction, BBjBuiNoneCloseAction, BBjBuiUrlCloseAction, BBjBusyIndicator, and their methods

19 Sep 13

Corrected the BBjGridEditStartEvent and BBjGridEditStopEvent flags in the Events Correspondence Table; expanded Return Value text in BBjMouseEvent::getMouseButton; added BBjTreeMouseEvent::getExactNodeID and to all the BBj*TreeMouse* events

16 Sep 13

Added Eclipse docs for Enterprise Manager Database SQL, Tables, Web BUI Configuration Resources; changed REM comment in DIM Verb - BBj; added get/setToolTipText to BBjGridHeader

9 Sep 13

Added Eclipse docs for Enterprise Manager Triggers, User Administration; BBjServices Settings, Java Settings, Servers, Scheduling; Database Permissions, Procedures, JDBC/ODBC Connections; File System Audit Logging Jobs, Replication Jobs; Security Groups; Web Services Configuration; JNLP Settings, Demos; BUI Settings, Applications, Demos

3 Sep 13

Added BBjAppConfig, BBjAppServer, BBjResourceUrl and their methods

28 Aug 13

Added Query Analysis for Eclipse EM and See Also cross ref links among all the Database tabs; linked Email Utility to its javadocs; updated sample in CALLBACK Verb

27 Aug 13

Updated Tree Control Notify Events; added clearNodeIcon to BBjTree; added BBj 14.0 feature to FAST_TOUCH_CLICK in STBL("!OPTIONS"); added link in Starting BBjServices to Administration Wizard; updated BBjAdmin::getPermission security categories

26 Aug 13

Added Eclipse docs for Enterprise Manager Introduction and Getting Started; Database Connection Pools, Security, Settings, Types, Views, File System Open Files; BBjServices Processes and Log Files

19 Aug 13

Added -CP to bbjcpl - BBj Compiler; updated Creating Your First BASIS Project in the Eclipse BDT Guide; changed BBjAPI::asBytes return value to byte[]

9 Aug 13

Added !UNT_START STBL Formats - BBj; added Eclipse EM Replication Jobs and Database - Procedures Tab;BBjAPI::asBytes, note in the Classpath Overview about how to check the version of the jar file that BBj supports; added note to STBL !COMPAT LEGACY_TYPECHECK about !ERROR=26 with additional clarification in !ERROR=26; added setImageAt to BBjTabCtrl; added beta Eclipse BASIS Development User Guide and Enterprise Manager to project and table of contents

5 Aug 13

Added String Output Masking - BBj; changed STBL() Functions link on BBjConfig get/setCompatibility/OptionSetting; added 14.0 feature note to TIM Variable; now building all BBJasper docs in javadocs so removed the parallel topics from this project

25 Jul 13

Added note to Secure Sockets Layer; changed BBjRecordSet::isCurrentRecordDirty return value to boolean

16 Jul 13

Added new BBjTemplatedString methods getFieldLength, getFieldRepeat, getFieldTerminator, getFieldType, getTerminatedFieldNumber, getTerminatedFieldOffset, isFieldByteSwapped, isFieldEOSTerminated, isFieldLongSwapped, isFieldPadded, isFieldTerminated, isFieldTerminatorEscaped, isFieldWordSwapped; updated sample in BBjAPI::makeTemplatedString; added BBjImageManager::addImageList; added new methods openList and closeList to both BBjListButton and BBjListEdit

12 Jul 13

Added BBjBuiManager, BBjBuiCloseAction and their respective methods; added 12= Ordered numeric (K) to FATTR() Function; added MNEMONIC_INT_ROUNDING in STBL Formats - BBj; added new parameter in BBjClientFile::copyFromClient; added canExecute, setExecutable, setReadable, and setWritable to BBjClientFile; corrected return type to boolean in BBjClientFile::canWrite

9 Jul 13

Added BBjPrintPreviewBuilder and several methods including BBjForm:previewBuilder; added link in BBjTree::setNodeIcon to BBjTree::setNodeImage

2 Jul 13

Updated STBL Formats - BBj with bookmarks at the top, added !LISTSEARCH and !LIST_PAGE_SIZE, !MSGBOX_SPLIT (to MSGBOX() Function as well), and relocated !THROWERROR (from STBL Formats); added new !IRULES bit flag to BBjWindow::addInputN; updated the BBj Events Correspondence Table with entries for BBjStaticText, BBjWindow, BBjCheckableMenuItem, BBjGroupBox; updated control constants in BBjSysGui and BBjControl; added Event table to Interface DropTarget and Interface DragSource; updated samples in SQL - System Functions and BBjGeolocation; added TIM option to ERASE Verb and new INITFILE Verb

18 Jun 13

Added BBjTree::clearNodeIcon; updated Examples and added parameters description in both ENCRYPT() and DECRYPT(); BBjToolButton now implements Interface Focusable; added name and features parameters to BBjThinClient::browse

19 May 13

Added several new BBjGrid methods for CSS; new implementation of BBjWindow::getChildWindow

12 May 13

Added BBj 13.x Classpath Overview with new jar files

5 May 13

Added BBjControl::setCursor, BBjControl::addStyle, BBjControl::removeStyle, BBjControl::clearStylesBBjControl::getStyles; updated iReport revision for BBj 13.0 in BBJasperReport to newest revision

19 Apr 13

Added BUI Getting Started; added 1,5 and 1,6 to INFO() Function - BBj; added iReport revision for BBj 13.0 in BBJasperReport

12 Apr 13

Qualified INFO() Function 3,5 as not yet implemented; updated "Configure the License" for virtual licenses in BASIS License Types; corrected remarks in BBjGrid::setRowVisible

8 Apr 13

Added Emergency Licensing for BBj and Visual PRO/5; some thin client references in the TOC

3 Apr 13

Linked LET Verb in Numeric Array Expressions; corrected return values to int in BBjFormValidationEvent::getSelectedIndex

15 Mar 13

Added Data Server Syntax link to various verbs; added Configure a License instructions to BASIS License Types; added BBjTree::setNodeImage to BBjTree

9 Mar 13

Added package summary links to BBJasper, BBjToJavadocs, and DialogWizard

28 Feb 13

Added Data Server Syntax; added BBjGridCellModifyEvent::getEditText, BBjGridCellQueryEvent::getEditText, and BBjGridSpecialKeyEvent::getEditText

21 Feb 13

Added BBjRuntime::isConsoleInteractive; added BBjGridCellEvent::getOriginalText and to all Events that inherit BBjGridCellEvent; added description of error 2 and 3 to Socket Overview; added !ERROR=201 Client Side Error; added new data types boolean, double, long varchar, and long varbinary to ESQL Overview; added example to add/subtract days to today in Date Input; expanded nag message text in Description in Jar Registration; Added TCB(10) remark to EXTRACT Verb; added sample to BBjTreeMouseDoubleClickEvent

13 Feb 13

Added setButtonWidth and to BBjNavigator; added STBL("!MACROS", macrodeflist) and FAST_TOUCH_CLICK to STBL Format; updated BBjDataBoundGrid sample and BBjObject Diagram; noted in DDBuilder and ResBuilder that they are no longer included in the BBj 12 download but are still available with Visual PRO/5; updated description in BBjSessionInfo::getGroupID; added exception notation in BBjDataBoundGrid remarks; added getCurrentSessionInfo() to BBjSessionInfo, openSysGui to BBjSysGui

10 Feb 13

Added BBjAppServer object and its methods; added remark to BBjDataBoundGrid::bindRecordSet; added new BBjToJavadoc docs; updated TOC entries for BBJasper docs

15 Jan 13

Added new samples for BBjEnterpriseNamespace methods

12 Jan 13

Added BBjEnterpriseNamespace and methods; corrected text in Controls Overview for cut/copy/paste behavior; updated BBJasperReport with version 5.0.1 for BBj 12.21; added note about converting brc to arc files distributed with Visual PRO/5 in Converting .brc Files to .arc Format and Converting Resource File Formats; included multiple args sample in Running BBj from the Command Line


Date Description

19 Dec 12

Added new BCI Class methods - getVariable to InstallCustomActionData, putVariable to BeforeInstallCustomActionData, and setRemoveModifiedFiles to BeforeUninstallCustomActionData

14 Dec 12

Changed credit card string to "O" in ENCRYPT() - Encrypt Specified String; added See Also links in BCI Class and Interface topics and other general edits

13 Dec 12

Added BBjHttpRequest::getMethod; added more index entries for CustomWizard and CustomWizardData

12 Dec 12

Added BCI Class - CustomWizardData and BCI Interface - CustomWizard; corrected BBjInputD::setRestore to take string

7 Dec 12

Added new LISTBUTTON_AUTO_SELECT, NATIVE_BROWSER_LIST, NATIVE_BROWSER_MSGBOX to !COMPAT and !OPTIONS where applicable in STBL Formats - BBj and corrected !OPTION to !OPTIONS and noted in !COMPAT that legacy code runs unchanged; added Reload DB Config to Enterprise Manager - Server Information; added note to BBjGrid::endEdit that endEdit() is equivalent to endEdit(1) and changed sample to follow; corrected LET application to LET application in BBjApplication sample; added Mac to Linux/Unix references in Character Sets and Character Encoding; changed getParameter() in BBjHttpRequest to getParameter(string paramName)

9 Nov 12

Corrected BBjSessionInfo::getGroupID description; added getProgramArgsVector to BBjCommandLineObject; converted images to .png and crushed; replaced bbj logo with snippet

6 Nov 12

Added BBjSysGui::getMeasures; expanded description in BBjNamespace that two or more BBj programs "running in the same BBjServices" can share data; added calendar!.setGridEditable(1) to code samples for all BBjGrid and BBjStandardGrid methods that use blueColor! = mySysGui!.makeColor(mySysGui!.BLUE)

31 Oct 12

Added two more examples regarding connection pools in BBJasperReport; updated/renamed Pre-Installation Checklist and Installation for Windows NT to Installing the PRO/5 Data Server; changed horizontal and vertical respectively to "stacked"and "side by side" in description and remarks section of BBjMDI::enableMDIWindowMenu

15 Oct 12

Repaired broken link in StartInstallCustomAction and reformatted BCI tables borders

10 Oct 12

Added BBj-only Data Dictionary - Overview; moved BCI Class - PreInstallCustomActionData setInstallDir and setJavaDir methods to BeforeInstallCustomActionData; completed CustomActionData with these new/renamed topics: StartInstallCustomActionData, FinishInstallCustomActionData, BeforeInstallCustomActionData, AfterInstallCustomActionData, StartUninstallCustomActionData, FinishUninstallCustomActionData, BeforeUninstallCustomActionData, AfterUninstallCustomActionData

4 Oct 12

Added note and sample about include program groups in BCI Nodes - Shortcut; added new setInstallDir and setJavaDir methods in BCI Class - PreInstallCustomActionData; changed "Returns value..." to "Return value" in BCI Class - CustomActionData, added bookmark links to Installing BASIS Products - Windows

25 Sep 12

Added USE_DATE_FORMAT to SQL - Time and Date Functions; Added PRO/5 Data Server logo to related topics such as What is the PRO/5 Data Server?; added note about SETDRIVE to CHDIR Verb - Change Directory; corrected sample in BBjAPI::getDefaultPrinterName

20 Sep 12

Added note about RFax third party software to Fax Utility, Class PDFFaxJob, Class FaxJobBase, Interface FaxJob

14 Sep 12

Updated documentation for BBTranslationBundle and BBTranslator

30 Aug 12

Updated project to RH 10; added XCALL Verb to PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5 Manual Set table of contents; added cross references from DDBuilder, ResBuilder, and GUIBuilder to their IDE counterparts - Data DictionaryFormBuilder, andAppBuilder

24 Aug 12

Added second example to BBJasperreport::fill

23 Aug 12

Added BBjAPI::getDefaultPrinterName; ability to prevent uninstallation of a suite or feature in the BCI (BCI Nodes - Feature, BCI Nodes - Suite); added ability to create a BBJasper report with a result set; updated sample in BBjInputD::setCaretPosition and  BBjInputN::setCaretPosition; added PARSE_TEMPLATE to SQL - String Functions

16 Aug 12

Updated NATIVE description re: its dialog in Printing in BBj; added $InstallDrive to BCI Nodes - Variable; BBJasperReport::print now returns a boolean value

14 Aug 12

Updated sample in BBjInputE::setCaretPosition; added explanations of variables in Built-in Stored Procedures

7 Aug 12

Updated Jetty Overview, updated RADIOGROUP Mnemonic - Create a Radio Button Group with note about consecutive IDs to navigate correctly; Conditional Configuration now compares on the client-side

31 Jul 12

Enhanced remarks in BBjCommandLineObject methods getClasspathName and getOriginalClasspathName; added iReport 4.7.0

25 Jul 12

Updated sample for BBJasperReport and all its methods with corrected exportTo* code; added new iReport revision for BBj 12.10 in BBJasperReport

24 Jul 12

Added BBJasperViewerControl::refreshToolbar; added parameters to BBJasperViewerControl::getToolbarControlAt; updated Silent Installation with 13.0 features and new response file sample

20 Jul 12

Added BBJasperViewerControl::getToolbar and BBJasperViewerControl::getToolbarControlAt

18 Jul 12

Updated sample for BBJasperReport::exportTo* methods (i.e. BBJasperReport::exportToPDF); added Return Codes to mrebuild Utility

26 Jun 12

Added Drag Source Drop Event and Drop Target Drop Event with updates to the BBj Events Correspondence Table; $0C$ to FID() Function - Get File Identification BBj; corrected typo in BBjGrid::setSelectedColumns;

5 Jun 12

Updated BASIS Resource Bundle Editor with icon details

29 May 12

Added FileChooser and FontChooser Utility Classes

25 May 12

Added Web Start link to BASIS Resource Bundle Editor

23 May 12

Added BASIS Resource Bundle Editor; added JasperPrint object to BBJasperViewerControl and BBJasperViewerWindow; added notation about exclusive data access to Replication Introduction and Enterprise Manager - Replication Jobs

15 May 12

Added BBjServletEvent; FileChooser Filter Event and BBjFileChooserFilterEvent with methods getFileChooser and getActiveFileFIlter; updated BBj Events Correspondence Table accordingly for both Events

10 May 12

Added GS Mnemonic - Graphics Start, BBj; BBjImageManager::setCacheSize; changed getBBjServletData to getServletData, getBBjHttpRequest to getHttpRequest and getBBjHttpResponse to getHttpResponse in related topics and examples

7 May 12

Added BBj 12.x Classpath Overview; reinstated links throughout to deprecated methods in BBjFormValidationEvent, BBjGrid, etc. and changed index entries to list methods as subkeys by object; added TIM to OPEN Verb - BBj and new topic LOCK Verb - BBj; reformatted display of "For this topic's original documentation..." in BBj Verbs and Functions

2 May 12

Added BBjServletRegistry and BBjApplication; BBjServletData with BBjHttpResponse and BBjCookie, and BBjHttpRequest and BBjHttpSession; updated BBjObject Diagram with new objects; BBjGrid::isDataBound

28 Apr 12

Added BBj Servlet Overview

26 Apr 12

Added Task Scheduling; GET_RESULT_SET_CSV to Built-in Stored Procedures; added $10$ flag to FIN() Function - File Information; updated BBJasperReport with new iReport version; added descriptions and images of status icons in Database - Tables Tab

18 Apr 12

Added a list of iReport parameters to BBJasperViewerWindow and a link to the list in BBJasperViewerControl; added link toVisual PRO/5 6.0 Gives Apps an XP or Vista Contemporary Look and Feel in the BASIS International Advantage in Controls Overview and The config.bbx Configuration File

12 Apr 12

Added Key/IndexCase Sensitivity, Built-in Stored Procedures; updated BBjDataAwareGrid::getShowInsertMessage, BBjDataAwareGrid::setShowInsertMessage, BBjCEdit::getSelection, BBjWindow::addHtmlView, BBjImageCtrl::getImage, BBjDataBoundGrid, I/F MouseWheelEnabled::setScrollWheelBehaviorexamples; deprecated BBjStandardGrid::getMaxColumns and BBjStandardGrid::setMaxColumns and updated GRID Mnemonic - Create a Grid Control accordingly; updated BBjClientFile Example

10 Apr 12

Added case insensitivity to XKEYED Verb and VKEYED Verb (not available in MKEYED Verb); added Define an Index Segment to Database - Tables Tab; removed MouseWheelEnabled interface/methods from BBjEditbox; updated OPEN Verb with expanded ANTIALIASED=[ON|OFF] description and new entry for DPI; added new step 29 to Converting to BBj; removed remarks in BBjListButton::selectIndex

4 Apr 12

Added BBJasperViewerControl::saveCurrentPageAsImage; Database - Type Definitions Tab, Database - Sequences Tab, Database - Roles Tab and split out the tab topics in the topics formerly named Managing Databases (now Managing Databases - Overview) and Modifying Database Definitions (now Database - Tables Tab); updated ODBC/JDBC Drivers and Database - Information Tab with support of UNICODE when server is configured with a particular character set; updated Enterprise Manager - Triggers

2 Apr 12

Added new DATEDIFF to SQL - String Functions; notation in BBjGrid::setTabAction that visible means "column or cell has a width greater than zero;" clarified Description in BBjCustomEvent; corrected Remarks in BBjRecordSet::next; updated BBjGrid with missing link to Interface:CommonGrid and table of methods; updated Remarks in BBjGrid::setColumnMask

29 Mar 12

Added new method BBjSlider::getOrientation; ability to set time from client or server in TIM Variable, SETOPTS Verb - BBj, JUL() - Get Julian Date - BBj, DATE() Function - Convert Julian to Calendar Date - BBj, DAY Variable - Get System Date; corrected example in BBjNamespace::removeValue; corrected Description and Parameters Description in BBjNamespace::getValue; replaced table of Constants with link to Constants Inherited from BBjGrid in BBjStandardGrid; added new "Using an SSCP with BBjCpl" section to Session-specific Classpath

23 Mar 12

Added BBjInputN::getMargin; added parameters to BBjSysGui::getMeasure; updated GSelectionDialog::addFilter, GDoc::remove, GDoc

15 Mar 12

Updated returned values in BBjScrollWheelEvent::getScrollDirection

14 Mar 12

Created new method getSelectedItem for, and added to, each of the following: BBjListCancelEvent, BBjListChangeEvent, BBjListCloseEvent, BBjListOpenEvent, BBjListSelectEvent; added "Remarks" in BBjTemplatedString setFieldValue and setString to accept a byte array; corrected case of -MDI inBBjCommandLineObject::setChildFrameMode

 12 Mar 12

Created new methods getSelectedIndex and getSelectedIndices for, and added to, each of the following: BBjListCancelEvent, BBjListChangeEvent, BBjListClickEvent, BBjListCloseEvent, BBjListDoubleClickEvent, BBjListOpenEvent, BBjListSelectEvent

9 Mar 13

Added new BBJasperViewerControl methods addToolbarButton, addToolbarChildWindow, addToolbarSpacer, getHeight, getPage, getWidth, getX, getY, getZoomLevel, refresh, setActualSize, setFitPage, setFitWidth, setLocation, setPage, setSize, setZoomLevel; deprecated BBjFormValidationEvent::getValues; updated List Item Click Event - BBj; added code sample in BBjFormValidationEvent

8 Mar 12

Added samples to BBjAPI::setCustomEventCallback, BBjAPI::postCustomEvent, BBjAPI::clearCustomEventCallback; corrected sample in BBj Filesystem Plugin; added new topics Screen Resolutions, BBjLostFocusEvent::getText, BBjEditModifyEvent::getText, BBjMenuBar::getChildCount;BBjMenu::getChildCount; several BBjFormValidationEvent methods - accept, getButton, getSelectedIndex, getText,getValue, getValues, isSelected; added new option for Maximum KBPS in Enterprise Manager - Replication Jobs

24 Feb 12

Added BBjToJavadoc, added "Legacy SQL.ini File" section to Managing Databases; additional resource links to Providing Web Services and Consuming Web Services; updated Running BBjServices in Windows or UNIX by removing references to unsupported OSs

13 Feb 12

Corrected description in BBjGrid::setColumnHeaderBackColor; removed duplicate ON_GRID_MOUSE_DOWN from BBjGridHeader; updated BBj Events Correspondence Table and these methods respectively - BBjPrintPreview added ON_GAINED_FOCUS and ON_LOST_FOCUS, BBjMenuItem removed ON_POPUP_ITEM_SELECT

3 Feb 12

Added BBjTemplatedString::getFieldAttribute and BBjTemplatedString::getFieldNames; BBjWindow::getWindowFlags; BBjSysGui::getMeasure; added "O BLOB" to String Templates - BBj

26 Jan 12

Added Administration Wizard; added isEnterAsTab and setEnterAsTab to the "Grid Cell Selection" section of BBjGrid

20 Jan 12

Added BBjGeolocationPositionEvent and its methods, and updated the Read Record to BBj Events Correspondence Table; updated NOTE section in INFO() Function; completed links in BBjStoredProcedureData

13 Jan 12

Added resultSet! to BBJasperReport::fill

10 Jan 12

Added BBjScreenResizeEvent::getHeight, BBjScreenResizeEvent::getWidth, and updated BBjScreenResizeEvent accordingly

3 Jan 12

Updated example in BBjStoredProcedureData::getConnectionProperty and BBjStoredProcedureData::getConnectionProperties; replaced image and updated "Extracted" description in Enterprise Manager - BBj File System

2 Jan 12

Clarified 12.0 functionality in BBJasperReport::fill; added explanation in Substrings about negative subscripts


Date Description

16 Dec 11

Added BCI Nodes - BBExec; updated parameter description in BBJasperReport::fill; noted Res/DDBuilder deprecation in ResBuilder Introduction and DDBuilder Introduction

12 Dec 11

Added OPENPDFPASS to Printing in BBj and BBjForm::preview; updated text for the 6,0 argument in INFO() Function - BBj

7 Dec 11

Added two new BBjGrid methods - setSelectedColumns and setSelectedRows; added NATIVE mode to Printing in BBj

15 Nov 11

Added new "BASIS Javadocs" book in table of contents under "Language" and added the topic "Dialog Wizard"; added some getting started information in Dialog Wizard

10 Nov 11

Added detail about Ordered NUMERIC - Type K in String Templates - BBj and updated XKEYED Verb and MKEYED Verb with notation about reading records by specifying a KEY= option; added BBjStoredProcedureData::getConnectionProperties and BBjStoredProcedureData::getConnectionProperty

8 Nov 11

Added Replace to SQL Grammar; added BBj-to-iReport version history to BBJasperReport and "iReport versions" to index; added Dialog Wizard

4 Nov 11

Moved getDatabaseGlobal from BBjAPI to BBjAdmin::getDatabaseGlobal and updated the example; inBBjGeolocation::getCurrentPosition changed string to void; added BBjTree::getRoot; updated screen shot in Enterprise Manager - Introduction

2 Nov 11

Updated BBj Web Server and added Jetty Overview; new Uninstaller/InstallerStart/FinishCustomAction/Data class files to BCI Nodes - CustomAction and BCI Class - CustomActionData

28 Oct 11

Corrected Example link in BBjThinClient::getClientFileSystem

20 Oct 11

Added FOCUSDELAY= to Open Verb - Open File BBj;added ON_GEOLOCATION_WATCH and ON_GEOLOCATION_POSITION to the BBj Events Correspondence Table; added new BBJasperReports 11.0 methods - exportToCSV, exportToRTF, exportToODT, exportToODS, exportToPPTX, exportToXHTML, exportToTXT, exportToXLS

11 Oct 11

Added format description of the returned information in Get Tab Information - TABCTRL SENDMSG() Function 27; updated Enterprise Manager - Server Information with Force JVM Local,Use Windows Permissions, Single Threaded Interpreters SPROC/Triggers, and a screen shot; updatedEnterprise Manager - Web Service Configuration, Consuming Web Services, and Providing Web Services with revision references, topic/article cross references, examples, and index entries

29 Sep 11

Added new topic BBjTreeNodeEditStoppedEvent::getOldText and updated BBjTreeNodeEditStoppedEvent and Tree Control Notify Events; added "K" type to String Templates - BBj

28 Sep 11

Added Admin Utility classes Admin and UserCredentials; updated Skin Tab in Enterprise Manager - Server Information with setting the skin for BBj clients; added Look and Feel section to Controls Overview for setting colors and borders; added exportToCSV, RTF, ODT, ODS, PPTX, XHTML, XLS, and TXT ot BBJasperReport

26 Sep 11

Added new Purchase Requisition form sample in BBjForm methods; "Cookies" reference in BBjThinClient::get/setUserProperty and the index; length specification to the description in String Templates; instructions for specifying arguments in Running BBj Thin Client with Java Web Start; completed BBjStandardGrid with all BBjWindow::addGrid methods

21 Sep 11

Switched definitions of zero and non-zero in GRID SENDMSG() Function 71

20 Sep 11

Added instructions in BASIS Licenses and the BLM about live migration with virtual licenses; changed setDropType to setDropTypes throughout all methods implemented for Interface DropTarget

19 Sep 11

Updated BBjWrappedJComponent to now implement InterfaceMouseWheelEnabled

7 Sep 11

Added a new topic Database Permissions and modified "Permissions Tab" in Managing Databases to include object level permissions; updated Structured Query Language (SQL) and the BASIS ODBC Driver to include GRANT and REVOKE support

25 Aug 11

Updated constants in BBjAdmin::setPermission and added them to BBjAdmin

23 Aug 11

Added isAltDown and isCmdDown to "Methods Inherited from BBjTreeMouseEvent" to other 5 objects listed in previous post

22 Aug 11

Updated Tree Control Notify Events Left Mouse Clicked, Left Mouse Double Clicked, Right Mouse Clicked with wparam $04$ bit for isAltDown and isCmdDown; added these two new methods respectively to BBjTreeMouseEvent, BBjTreeMouseDoubleClickEvent, BBjTreeMouseDownEvent, BBjTreeMouseUpEvent, BBjTreeRightMouseDownEvent, BBjTreeRightMouseUpEvent

17 Aug 11

Added remark about basis.pdf.fontpath in BBjAPI::getBBjPDFForm; replaced semicolon (PROCESS_EVENTS;) with colon in the sample in item 21 in Grid Tutorial 2 - Standard Grid Using BBjGrid Methods; moved setDatabaseGlobal from BBjAPI to BBjAdmin; changed "int" to "integer" inside the "ESQL Data Types" in ESQL Overview; added comment in BBjDataAwareGrid that it also generates all the events of a BBjGrid"; corrected description in CLEARP Verb; updated Events in BBjGridHeader, BBjListButton, BBjListEdit, BBjRadioButton, BBjProgressBar, BBjStandardGrid and the respective entries in the BBj Events Correspondence Table

15 Aug 11

Added BBjThinClient::getUserProperty, BBjThinClient::setUserProperty; updated BBjThinClient; added LEGACY_GRID_COL_HEADER to STBL Formats - BBj

28 Jul 11

Added BBjGrid::isEnterAsTab and BBjGrid::setEnterAsTab; completed SQL - System Functions with BBjServices functions.

25 Jul 11

Added Rolling BBjServices 'Default' Log Files to Enterprise Manager - System Logs

18 Jul 11

Expanded descriptions in BBjGrid::setStartEditSelectionMode for Input D/E/N; modified Group the BBjNamespace section regarding TermConsole in BBjNamespace

13 Jul 11

Added BBj 12.0 functionality to BBjForm::preview; expanded BUI CSS

8 Jul 11

Managing Databases - Updated Query Analysis Tab and added Adding/Removing an Index for 12.0; added SPROC Debugging, Equality Optimize NUMERICs, and Auto Analyze Table under the Information - Misc section

6 Jul 11

Added "Database Migration Wizard" and "Migration Wizard" to the Index for the Database Update Wizard topic

21 Jun 11

Added See Also links across all the Google doc topics

17 Jun 11

BBjAdmin and BBjAdmin::changePassword corrections

15 Jun 11

Added Google dialog utilities GSelectionDialog, GDocSaveDialog, GDocFolderSelectionDialog; updated CONNECTION_POOLS, COPY_JOBS, FORCE_CLOSE_FILES, TABLE_ANALYSIS_QUEUE to BBjAdmin::setPermission; added Common Questions to Managing Databases

13 Jun 11

Corrected I/O Redirection Under the Windows Operating System for Visual PRO/5

5 Jun 11

Added GCalendarService, GDoc, GDocsService, GSitesService

2 Jun 11

Updated BBJasperViewerControl, removed the method closeAllViewerWindows, updated addToolButton; and added new 11.0 file/folder/Google doc enhancements; GApps, GAppsService

20 May 11

Added temporary flag enhancement to Control Focus Gained/Lost Event and Window Focus Gained/Lost Event and new methods BBjWindowGainedFocusEvent::isTemporary, BBjWindowLostFocusEvent::isTemporary, BBjLostFocusEvent::isTemporary, BBjGainedFocusEvent::isTemporary

7 May 11

Added BBj 11.x Classpath Overview, updated Replication Introduction and Enterprise Manager - Replication Jobs; removed Events from BBjWrappedJComponent

1 May 11

Added BBjLDAPEntry, BBjLDAPConnection, BBjLDAPSearchResult and respective methods; BBjAPI::getLDAPConnection

30 Apr 11

Added BUI CSS API; BBjConstants and BBjAPI::getConstants; BBjEditBox::getMaxLength, BBjEditBox::setMaxLength; Fax Utility, Class PDFFaxJob, Class FaxJobBase, Interface FaxJob, and all related methods; Replication Introduction and Enterprise Manager - Replication Jobs

25 Apr 11

Corrected text in Enterprise Manager - JNLP Configuration to "The JNLP Configuration screen displays all available configurations."

18 Apr 11

Added BBjAPI::getCurrentSessionInfo

7 Apr 11

Added Database Replication in Benefits of 'SoftwareAssetManagement' Feature Line

31 Mar 11

Removed instructions for Contents and Index and Google Custom Search from the documentation home page.

30 Mar 11

Updated help software to v9 and changed skin to their "Traditional style - no skin" to better facilitate mobile browsers

22 Mar 11

Replaced the native [Search] tab with the custom Google search and refinement tool to appear at the top of each frame next to Email and ShareThis; updated the About page to reflect this change

16 Mar 11

Corrected sample in BBjRuntime::isClientInServerJVM; added link in Enterprise Manager - Database Update Wizard to Database Update API; added remark in BBjInputD; removed animation from Contents/Index/Search tabs

8 Mar 11


25 Feb 11


24 Feb 11

Added notation in Converting to BBj from Earlier Versions of BASIS Products that BBj type-checks several MODE options to help detect possible errors; change the topic title "SQL-Licensing" to "Licensing - Connection-based" and added link to the See Also section in BASIS Licenses and the BLM; added addEditBoxSpinner(int ID, int x, int y, int width, int height, BBjVector list!, string text$) to BBjWindow::addEditBoxSpinner; added BBjThinClient::browse, Database Update API, and Database Update Wizard

15 Feb 11

Added BASIS Custom Installer (BCI) documentation that includes high level Overview and Nodes topics and several related and linked class, nodes, and interface topics

8 Feb 11

Corrected setborderPainted in BBjMenuButton; added getCheckBox to the Convenience Methods listing in BBjWindow; added an "In BBj 11.0 and higher" notation, new string parameter, and an index entry for "BBj 11.0 > Convenience Methods" to each convenience method

7 Feb 11

Added Email Utility and its methods; removed ON_EDIT_KEYPRESS from BBjCEdit; changed the default BBjStandardGrid::sortByMultipleColumns behavior to not sort by multiple columns; added BBTranslator::getTranslationBundle

3 Feb 11

Changed Interface CommonGrid::endEdit and Interface CommonGrid::startEdit to BBjGrid::endEdit and BBjGrid::startEdit

2 Feb 11

Updated Running BBj Thin Client with Java Web Start; added Benefits of 'SoftwareAssetManagement' Feature Line

1 Feb 11

Updated ISO 21 character set that converts between 7-bit German and 7-bit Swedish characters in Character Translation

24 Jan 11

Added "To duplicate a table" instructions in Modifying Database Definitions;  BBjSessionInfo::getGroupID; BBjThinClient::getClientLocale; BBjTree::setSelectedIcon

14 Jan 11

Added BBjCEdit::getMaxLength, BBjCEdit::setMaxLength, BBjGrid::isEditing