Licensing Consumption


BBj licensing occurs on the server - ODBC, thin client, etc. - rather than the client. When a client connects, BBjServices manages the process by checking out a license and then checking it back in when the client terminates its connections. BBjServices requires that the BLM (BASIS License Manager) is running before handling all the licenses. The BLM runs on a different machine or on the same machine as BBjServices. BBj distinguishes two types of connections when determining whether to check out a new license. If connecting from another BASIS product, BBj checks out a new license if the user/host/display for that connection is unique. If the connection is from a concurrent third party product, BBj uses one license per connection. To arrive at the total number of users needed for your license, add the number of BASIS product connections used at one time to the number of concurrent third party connections used at one time.

Licensing of the BASIS DBMS and accompanying ODBC and JDBC Drivers occurs in only one place: the BASIS database. It is not necessary to obtain a license for each installed ODBC or JDBC driver using the new BBj architecture. This is possible because of the fact that the BASIS DBMS is licensed on a per-connection basis, which means that each ODBC or JDBC connection will use one BASIS DBMS connection license.

For example, if a company has 20 employees who need access to the data residing on a BASIS DBMS, they may want to purchase a 20-user BASIS license. However, if only 15 of these employees will be using the system at one time, then the company would only require a 15-user license.

For the administrator this means that there is no need to manage any licensing whatsoever for the ODBC or JDBC drivers that access the BASIS DBMS.

Browser User Interface

Running any number of BUI (browser user interface) apps in a single web browser will share one license per browser instance; any additional GUI apps on the desktop will share an additional license. For example, if a customer is using an application via BASIS Thin Client and a BUI application, a total of two users from their license are in use. Subsequent invocations of Thin Client and/or BUI sessions would collapse under existing users (i.e. a second BASIS Thin Client session and a second BUI session in the same browser will still only require the original two users).

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