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BBj-Specific Information


DIM X![dimensions] allocates an object array.

DIM N[10](number) can be used to initialize numeric array elements.

DIM allows more than 3 array dimensions, and the DIMS() function returns information about extra dimensions if used. Note that multi-dimensional arrays use up memory quickly, so this feature should be used sparingly.

BBj does not allow the use of parenthesis to reference or dimension numeric arrays. For example, DIM A(3) generates an !ERROR=20 in BBj whereas BBx converts the line to DIM A[3].


DIM X![4]; REM ' Create 5-element object array
let X![1]=123; REM ' number
let X![2]="hello, world"; REM ' string
let X![3]=java.lang.Boolean.TRUE; rem ' object
let X![4]=new java.util.ArrayList(); rem ' object
null 123hello, worldtrue[]
let Y![ALL]=X![ALL]; REM ' performs a shallow copy of the object references in X![]

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