BBj 21.x Classpath Overview

BBj 21.0 includes the following JARs:


 To determine which version of a third party JAR BBj supports, check the version number that is included in the name of the JAR file. For example, <bbj install dir>/lib/jasperreports-javaflow-6.20.5.jar means that the currently installed version of BBj is compatible with version 6.20.5  of Jasper Studio.

New JAR Sets

New and updated JARS are highlighted.

JAR Name Function
activation-1.1.1.jar Redistributable Java WSDP component
asm-9.1.jar BBj code generation
asm-commons-9.1.jar BBj code generation
asm-tree-9.1.jar BBj code generation
asm-util-9.1.jar BBj code generation
aws-java-sdk-1.11.332.jar APIs for Amazon Web Services
axis.jar Web Services
BasisCharsetProvider.jar multi-platform charset localization
basiscomponents.jar BBj MiG Layout
basisfonts.jar JasperReports font extension
BasisInstall.jar Installation and Admin Utility Application
BBj.jar Core server-side BBj components
BBjAdminAPI.jar API used to talk to the Admin server for BBjServices
BBjAdminAPIMin.jar Condensed Admin API
BBjBootstrap.jar Used to validate ClientObject jars
BBjDocsGenerator.jar Utility to generate API documentation
BBjEM.jar Components for BBj Enterprise Manager application
BBjFilesystem.jar File system components
BBjIndex.jar Main jar - indexes all other BBj jars
BBjPlugin.jar Sample file system plug-ins
BBjPortID.jar BBj port information
BBjServer.jar All servers associated with BBj
BBjsp.jar Java Server Pages
BBjSql.jar SQL API
BBjStartup.jar BASIS core ClassLoader and classpath builder
BBjTextSearch.jar Abstract BBj usage of Lucene jars
BBjTextSearchLucene50.jar Abstract BBj usage of Lucene jars
BBjTextSearchLucene70.jar Abstract BBj usage of Lucene jars
BBjThinClient.jar BBj client-side components
BBjUnitTest.jar BBj unit testing
BBjUtil.jar Core client and server components
BBjWebstartBootstrap.jar BBj certificate installation
bcmail-jdk15on-1.64.jar PDF signing
bcpkix-jdk15on-1.64.jar PDF signing
bcprov-jdk15on-1.64.jar PDF signing
bus.jar BASIS Update Service
ChileCompanyWebService.jar Chile Company Web Service demo
codemodel-2.6.jar Jetty Web Services
com.sun.el-2.2.0.v201108011116.jar Jetty 9
common-image-3.5.jar Converting images into ICO and ICNS formats for app deployment
common-io-3.5.jar Converting images into ICO and ICNS formats for app deployment
common-lang-3.5.jar Converting images into ICO and ICNS formats for app deployment
commons-beanutils-1.9.4.jar JasperReports
commons-cli-1.4.jar Web Services API
commons-codec-1.15.jar Web Services coder/decoder
commons-collections4-4.4.jar JasperReports
commons-compress-1.20.jar Used by POI to create XLS spreadsheets
commons-digester_2.1.0.jar JasperReports
commons-discovery-0.2.jar Web Services framework
commons-fileupload-1.4.jar BUI fileopen dialog
commons-io-2.8.0.jar BUI file uploading
commons-lang-2.6.jar Apache commons library
commons-lang3-3.12.0.jar Apache commons library
commons-logging-1.2.jar JasperReports
commons-math3-3.6.1.jar Used by POI
config-1.4.0.jar Configuration files
CustomIDE.jar Custom images and files for the BASIS IDE
CustomLookAndFeel-6.7.jar Custom skinning
cxf-core-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-rt-bindings-soap-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-rt-bindings-xml-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-rt-databinding-jaxb-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-rt-frontend-jaxws-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-rt-frontend-simple-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-rt-transports-http-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-rt-transports-http-jetty-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-rt-ws-addr-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-rt-ws-policy-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-rt-wsdl-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-tools-common-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-tools-validator-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-tools-wsdlto-core-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-tools-wsdlto-databinding-jaxb-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
cxf-tools-wsdlto-frontend-jaxws-3.3.0.jar Apache CXF
ecj-4.4.2.jar JasperReports
ExtIndex.jar Index on non-BASIS jars
ExtUtil.jar BBJasper and LaunchDock
failureaccess-1.0.1.jar Google Guava 27+
Fax.jar Faxing capabilities
FedExWebServiceClient.jar FedEx Web Service demo
fluent-hc-4.3.5.jar Google Apps
FontChooser-7.3.jar Font chooser feature
gapps3.jar Google Apps
GappsV3Index.jar Google Apps
gdata-calendar-2.0.jar Google Docs
gdata-calendar-meta-2.0.jar Google Docs
gdata-client-1.0.jar Google Docs
gdata-client-meta-1.0.jar Google Docs
gdata-core-1.0.jar Google Docs
gdata-docs-3.0.jar Google Docs
gdata-docs-meta-3.0.jar Google Docs
gdata-media-1.0.jar Google Docs
gdata-sites-2.0.jar Google Docs
gdata-sites-meta-2.0.jar Google Docs
gdata-spreadsheet-3.0.jar Google Docs
gdata-spreadsheet-meta-3.0.jar Google Docs
google-api-client-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-api-client-android-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-api-client-appengine-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-api-client-gson-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-api-client-jackson2-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-api-client-java6-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-api-client-servlet-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-api-services-calendar-v3-rev90-1.19.0.jar Google Apps
google-api-services-drive-v2-rev168-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-http-client-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-http-client-android-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-http-client-appengine-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-http-client-gson-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-http-client-jackson2-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-http-client-jdo-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-oauth-client-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-oauth-client-appengine-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-oauth-client-java6-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-oauth-client-jetty-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
google-oauth-client-servlet-1.20.0.jar Google Apps
groovy-2.5.7.jar Font chooser feature
gson-2.8.5.jar Convert Java Objects into their JSON representation
guava-30.1.1-jre.jar Google's core libraries for Java-based projects
guice-4.0-beta5.jar BASIS Development Tools
gwt-user-2.9.0.jar Google Web Toolkit
HelpAll.jar Contains all third party help
hsqldb-2.5.0.jar Pure Java JDBC driver
httpclient-4.5.5.jar Web Service client
httpcore-4.4.9.jar Google Apps
ihhelper-0.0.1.jar Custom annotations
imageio-bmp-3.5.jar Converting images into ICO and ICNS formats for app deployment
imageio-core-3.5.jar Converting images into ICO and ICNS formats for app deployment
imageio-icns-3.5.jar Converting images into ICO and ICNS formats for app deployment
imageio-metadata-3.5.jar Converting images into ICO and ICNS formats for app deployment
InterFaxClient.jar Faxing capabilities
itext-2.1.7.js8.jar PDF library
j2html-1.4.0.jar Java API to generate HTML
jackcess-3.0.1.jar Microsoft Access Database
jackson-annotations-2.12.2.jar Used to serialize objects as JSON
jackson-core-2.12.2.jar JSON serialization and deserialization.
jackson-databind-2.12.2.jar Used to serialize objects as JSON
JarRegistrationServiceClient.jar Registering ClientObject jars
JarRegistrationServiceClientLib.jar Registering ClientObject jars
jasperreports-javaflow-6.16.0.jar JasperReports
java-saml-2.5.1.jar SAML Authentication Support
java-saml-core-2.5.1.jar SAML Authentication Support
javax.annotation-1.1.0.v201108011116.jar Jetty 9 integration
javax.el-2.2.0.v201108011116.jar Jetty 9 integration
javax.inject-1.jar Document Index
javax.servlet.jsp-2.2.0.v201112011158.jar Jetty 9 integration
javax.servlet.jsp.jstl-1.2.0.v201105211821.jar Jetty 9 integration
java_cup.jar BBj language gramma
jaxb-api-2.3.0.jar Apache CXF
jaxb-core-2.3.0.jar Jetty Web Services
jaxb-impl-2.3.0.jar Jetty Web Services
jaxb-xjc-2.3.0.jar Jetty Web Services
jaxrpc-api.jar Web Service framework
jaxws-api-2.3.0.jar Apache CXF
jaxws-rt-2.3.0.jar Used by Bus Updater program to access BUS
jcommon-1.0.23.jar Jfree charts
JDBCPooling-internal.jar Connection to third party JDBC databases
JDBCPooling.jar Connection to third party JDBC databases
jdo2-api-2.3-eb.jar Google Calendar and Drive API
jempbox-1.8.16.jar Adobe XMP
jetty-all-9.4.38.jar Jetty 9.4.38
jetty-http-spi-9.4.38.jar Object representations of HTTP
jfreechart-1.0.19.jar Java chart library
JnlpExtIndex.jar Web Start Indexing Optimization
JnlpIndex.jar Web Start Indexing Optimization
joda-time-2.10.3.jar Java Time library
jparsec-3.1.jar Parser for MySQL server pre-processing
jsch-0.1.54.jar Used by the JGit library
json-20210307.jar Google Calendar and Drive API
json-smart-2.3.jar BBj security
jsr181-api.jar Google Calendar and Drive API
jsr305-1.3.9.jar Google Calendar and Drive API
jxbrowser-7.15.jar Google Chromium-based browser integration
jxbrowser-javafx-7.15.jar JavaFX interface
jxbrowser-license.jar Google Chromium-based browser integration
jxbrowser-linux64-7.15.jar Google Chromium-based browser integration
jxbrowser-mac-7.15.jar Google Chromium-based browser integration
jxbrowser-swing-7.15.jar Java Swing interface
jxbrowser-win32-7.15.jar Google Chromium-based browser integration
jxbrowser-win64-7.15.jar Google Chromium-based browser integration
lucene-analyzers-common-5.2.1.jar Lucene full text search engine
lucene-analyzers-common-7.3.1.jar Lucene full text search engine
lucene-backward-codecs-5.2.1.jar Lucene full text search engine
lucene-backward-codecs-7.3.1.jar Lucene full text search engine
lucene-core-5.2.1.jar Lucene full text search engine
lucene-core-7.3.1.jar Lucene full text search engine
lucene-facet-5.2.1.jar Lucene full text search engine
lucene-facet-7.3.1.jar Lucene full text search engine
lucene-queries-5.2.1.jar Lucene full text search engine
lucene-queries-7.3.1.jar Lucene full text search engine
lucene-queryparser-5.2.1.jar Lucene full text search engine
lucene-queryparser-7.3.1.jar Lucene full text search engine
mail-1.6.2.jar Redistributable Java WSDP component
minidev-asm-1.0.2.jar BBj security
neethi-3.0.3.jar Web Service framework
net.tascalate.javaflow.api-2.6.1.jar JasperReports
netty-all-4.1.59.Final.jar Asynchronous networking (akka)
nimbus-jose-jwt-8.10.jar BBj security
ooxml-schemas-1.4.jar Docx file support
org.apache.felix.gogo.command_0.10.0.v201209301215.jar Document Index
org.apache.felix.gogo.runtime_0.10.0.v201209301036.jar Document Index
org.apache.felix.gogo.shell_0.10.0.v201212101605.jar Document Index
org.apache.jasper.glassfish-2.2.2.v201112011158.jar Document Index
org.apache.taglibs.standard.glassfish-1.2.0.v201112081803.jar Jetty 9 integration
org.eclipse.jgit-4.9.0.jar BBj configuration Git archive
outline.jar Online copy interface in Enterprise Manager
ParserServiceAPI.jar Eclipse IDE interface
pdfbox-app-2.0.23.jar Document Index
PDFRenderer-0.9.1.jar Generating PDF files
poi-4.1.2.jar JasperReports
poi-excelant-4.1.2.jar JasperReports
poi-ooxml-4.1.2.jar Document Index
poi-ooxml-schemas-4.1.2.jar Document Index
poi-scratchpad-4.1.2.jar Document Index
protobuf-java-3.12.2.jar Serialization
rfax.jar Faxing capabilities
RXTXcomm.jar Serial devices
saaj.jar Web Service framework
servlet-api-3.1.jar Used in Jetty Web Server
simpleclient-0.3.0.jar Prometheus metrics instrumentation
simpleclient_common-0.3.0.jar Prometheus metrics instrumentation
simpleclient_hotspot-0.3.0.jar Prometheus metrics instrumentation
simpleclient_servlet-0.3.0.jar Prometheus metrics instrumentation
slf4j-api-1.7.10.jar Used by Apache CXF
slf4j-simple-1.7.10.jar Used by Apache CXF
SparseBitSet-1.2.jar Used by POI libraries
stax2-api-3.1.4.jar SAML Authentication Support
swingx-1.0.jar Swing layout extensions
tika-core-1.26.jar Mime types
tika-parsers-1.26.jar Document Index
tika-serialization-1.26.jar Document Index
TimingFramework.jar Timing framework
transaction-api-1.1.jar Google Calendar and Drive API
Translator.jar Demo translation resource bundle
ucanaccess-5.0.0.jar JDBC driver for Microsoft Access databases
unboundid-ldapsdk-5.1.1.jar LDAP API
velocity-1.7.jar Used in Jetty configuration
woodstox-core-5.0.3.jar SAML Authentication Support
wsdl4j-1.6.3.jar Web Services toolkit
xml-resolver-1.2.jar XML catalog support
xmlbeans-3.1.0.jar Document Index
xmlschema-core-2.1.0.jar XML creation/manipulation
xmlsec-2.1.4.jar SAML Authentication Support

Table 1. Core BBj Jar Files

Table 2. below lists nine SpellCheckerDictionary-xx.jar files that provide spell checker dictionaries in various languages and dialects.Because the language dictionaries are rather large and because most applications do not use all languages, the dictionary files are not included in the standard thin-client jar configuration. When deploying a client application that uses spell checking, be sure to add the required dictionary files to the cache archive.

Language Spell Check Language File(s)
Dutch SpellCheckerDictionary-du.jar
English – American


English – British


English – Canadian


French SpellCheckerDictionary-fr.jar
German SpellCheckerDictionary-ge.jar
Italian SpellCheckerDictionary-it.jar
Spanish SpellCheckerDictionary-sp.jar
Swedish SpellCheckerDictionary-sw.jar

Table 2. SpellChecker Dictionary Jar Files

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