CSS Window Manager

Top level BUI windows are added to a BASIS window manager structure with the
BBjWindowManagerstyle name. It defines the following CSS style names:

.BBjWindowManager (the top level control)

.BBjWindowManager.bbj-undecorated (the tab bar is hidden)

.BBjWindowManager-glassPanel(a translucent glass panel that covers the browser area when amsgbox,fileopen,filesave, orBBjBusyIndicatoris active).

.BBjWindowManager-tabs (the tab bar running across the top)

.BBjWindowManager-tab (an individual tab)

.BBjWindowManager-tab-selected (the selected tab)

.BBjWindowManager-contentContainer (the body of the tab that contains the currently selected window)

.BBjWindowManager-content (the window added to the tab)


Windows defined as 'dialog style' are free floating; they can be dragged around (and optionally resized) by the user. The top level container for each dialog style window has the BBjDialog style name. Non-dialog windows are added to the BBjWindowManager tab structure.


The BBjBusyIndicator is an animated spinner that can be used to indicate that the application is busy. It defines the following style names:

.BBjWindowManager-busyIndicator (the container that holds the spinner and title)

.BBjWindowManager-busySpinner (the spinner itself, containing 12 bars arranged in a circle)

.BBjWindowManager-busyTitle (an optional message that appears below the spinner)