Converting .brc Files to .arc Format

See Converting Resource File Formats for instructions on how to automatically convert binary resource files (.brc) into ACSII resource files (.arc) by providing the input .brc file and output .arc file on the command line.

ResBuilder accepts wildcard characters when used as a conversion utility. The following table provides examples of how to use wildcards:



resbuild *.brc *.arc

Creates .arc files for all the files in the current working directory.

resbuild *.brc dir\*.arc

Places the converted resource files in the specified directory.

resbuild *.brc *.brc

Converts the resource files to ASCII and overwrites the existing files.


NOTE: ResBuild can convert brc to arc files distributed with Visual PRO/5.

As of BBj 6.0, ResConverter is deprecated.

ResConverter is a tool that converts ResBuilder binary resource (.brc) files to BBj resource (.arc) format. There are two ways to run ResConverter:

  • From the command line.

  • From the Convert ResBuilder Resource to BBj Resource dialog.

Command Line Method

The following identifies the syntax for running ResConverter from the command line:

resconverter -i resource.brc -o resource.arc -q
resconverter -i resource.brc -o resource.arc -qf




-i resource.brc

Input filename.

-o resource.arc

Output filename.


Quiet mode; ask for confirmation if the target file already exists.


Quiet mode; overwrite the target file if it already exists.

Dialog Method

  1. Start the ResConverter dialog by doing one of the following:

    • Click on the icon labeled "BBj Resource Converter" in the BBj program group.

    • Execute the following from the command line:


  2. Select the .brc file to be converted by doing one of the following:

    • Enter the path and filename of the .brc file into the Enter ResBuilder (.brc) File: field.

    • Click the Browse button (to the right of the Enter ResBuilder (.brc) File: field) and use the P5 ResBuilder Resource (brc) dialog to locate the .brc file.

  3. Select the path and filename for the .arc file by doing one of the following:

    • Enter the path and filename into the Enter BBj Resource (.arc) File: field

    • Click the Browse button (to the right the Enter BBj Resource (.arc) File:) and use the BBj Resource (arc) dialog to designate the filename and path for the .arc file.

    Note: A filename will automatically be entered that will have the same path as the .brc file with the extension changed to an .arc File.

  4. Click the Convert button. If the .arc file already exists, a warning message will be displayed. Click the Yes button to convert and overwrite the old file; click the No button to prevent the conversion.

    The following command will convert all Visual PRO/5 resource files in the current directory to BBj resource files:

    for %r in (*.brc) do resconverter –i %r –o %r –qf