blsmonitor Utility


blsmonitor [--bls-home <bls-home>] [-c] [--check] [--check-internal] [--check-user] [--config-dir <config-dir>] [--csv-features] [--csv-header] [-d] [--dump-internal-config] [--dump-user-config] [--filter-license <arg>] [-h] [--internal-config <internal-config>] [-j] [-l <arg>] [-t <arg>] [--user-config <user-config>] [-V] [-v]


In BBj 22.00 and higher, the blsmonitor utility provides monitoring information for the BASIS License Service (BLS).

It is located in <bbj home>/bls/bin if the BLS was installed with BBj/BBx, or in <bls home>/bin if the BLS was installed as a standalone product.


Parameter Description

--bls-home <bls-home>

BLS home directory

Output in csv

--check Just check the configuration and exit
--check-internal Just check the internal configuration and exit
--check-user Just check the user configuration and exit

--config-dir <config-dir>

License server configuration directory (if files are not specified)
--csv-features Output features for csv
--csv-header Output header for csv


Dump connection license information


Dump internal configuration


Dump user configuration (including defaults)

--filter-license <arg> Filter licenses for csv output (regular expression on license name)


Command help

--internal-config <internal-config>

License server internal configuration

-h,--json Output in JSON

-l,--loop <arg>

Loop operation with given pause in seconds

-t,--timeout <arg>

Timeout for operation in seconds

--user-config <user-config>

License server user configuration


Command version


Set verbose

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