BASIS License Manager (BLM) Licensing Overview


This page contains information about the BASIS License Manager (BLM) associated with BASIS products up to version 21.0. The BLM has been superseded by the BASIS License Service (BLS) for BBj/BBx 22.0 and higher. See the following article if you are looking for help related to the BLS: BASIS License Service (BLS) Overview.

BASIS product licensing occurs through a two-step process: 1) users register the product the first time they use it, and 2) a licensing control process, the BASIS License Manager (BLM), checks for and serves up a valid license each time users launch or connect to a BASIS product.

  1. The BASIS License Manager (BLM) generates a unique composite host ID upon installation. The user registers the license by submitting the serial number, authorization number, and composite host ID to BASIS through the Internet or by email.
  2. BASIS responds to the registration as follows:
    • Registering through the BASIS-supplied Admin Utility or standalone BLM from the system to be licensed - BASIS installs the license file automatically on the system via the Internet.
    • Registering from another system via email or web interface - BASIS returns a license file to be installed manually on the system to be licensed.


BASIS recommends that you register the license from the server that runs the BLM so that when the BLM detects host ID changes, impending expirations, etc., it will automatically renew the license, thereby ensuring seamless use of the products and features.

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