BASIS License Service (BLS) Overview

The BASIS License Service (BLS) is the licensing control process for BBj 22.0 and higher. For BBj versions before 22.0, see BASIS License Manager (BLM) Licensing Overview.

Prior to BBj 22.0, licensing was managed by the BASIS License Manager (BLM). Upgrading your license to BBj 22.0 from an earlier version will disable the BLM, and your new license will not be compatible with the BLM. Although the BLM will be disabled automatically, you should also uninstall it to prevent any possible conflicts between the two services.

Installation Location

When installed with BBj, the BLS and related files are placed in the <bbjhome>/bls/ directory. If the BLS is installed as a standalone installation without BBj/BBx, it will be in the location that you specify. In this document, <blshome> refers to installation location of the BLS.

Location Description


Location of binary executables, such as the BASISLicenseService and BLSAdmin.


Location of license (license.bls), certificate (certificate.bls), backup and properties files.


Location of log files

License Files

The BLS uses two files to manage licensing: license.bls (the license file) and certificate.bls (the certificate file). The license file is installed with the BLS, and the certificate file is installed with BBjServices.

Executable Programs

The BLS Admin wizard, located at <blshome>/bin/, allows you to manage connection to the BLS, license installation, retrieval, and configuration. The BBjAdmin wizard does not provide licensing configuration options, but you can open the BLS Admin through the BBjAdmin.

Differences Between BLS and BLM

The BLS is designed to meet the same needs as the BLM, so the differences between the two are minimal. See the table below for some differences between the BLS and BLM.

Feature BLS BLM
License files

Two files are necessary:

license.bls (installed with BLS)

certificate.bls (installed with BBjServices)

Uses a single license file
Installation location when installed with BBj/BBx <bbjhome>/bls <bbjhome>/blm
Default installation location (standalone)

Windows: C:\bls

macOS: /Applications/bls

Other operating systems: /usr/local/bls

Windows: C:\blm

macOS: /Applications/blm

Other operating systems: /usr/local/blm

License configuration BLS Admin, or launch BLS Admin from BBjAdmin BLM Admin or BBjAdmin
Location of saved configuration

For BLS: <blshome>/cfg/blsserver.conf

For BBjServices: <bbjhome>/cfg/blsclient.conf

For BLM:

.lic file

For BBjServices:

pointer basis.lic file

Resource consumption The BLS uses fewer system resources (such as socket ports and processes) The BLM uses more system resources than the BLS
Security The BLS offers a greater level of security by requiring a certificate file for a connection to the license service The BLM lacks the security improvements of the BLS

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