In BBj 17.00 and higher, this event is returned by BBjAPI().getLastEvent() when the program is executing callback code that the program has registered for theON_NATIVE_JAVASCRIPT event.


This event is triggered by passing a JavaScript DOM Event object to the basisDispatchNativeEvent(event) method, or a DOM Element and arbitrary JavaScript object to the basisDispatchCustomEvent(element,object) from JavaScript code running in a BBjHtmlView. Any specified DOM Event must have originated from a DOM Element contained within the BBjHtmlView, or any specified DOM Element must be contained within the BBjHtmlView. This detail is critical; it enables the client session to associate an arbitrary JavaScript event with the corresponding BBj session.

Methods of BBjNativeJavaScriptEvent

Return Value Method
HashMap<String,String> getEventMap()

Methods of BBjNativeJavaScriptEvent inherited from BBjSysGuiEvent

Return Value Method
BBjControl getControl()

Methods of BBjNativeJavaScriptEvent inherited from BBjEvent

Return Value Method
string getEventName()
string getEventString()

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