RESGET() Function - Get Resource BBj

BBj-Specific Information

For this topic's original documentation, see the RESGET() Function - Get Resource.

RESGET() returns a resource string from a BASIS resource file.




Handle returned by the RESOPEN() function.


Resource type, as follows:

1 = Window

2 = Menu Bar

3 = Popup Menu

4 = Child Window

5 = Image list

6 = RecordSet


Resource ID, which must be an integer between 0 and 32767.


Branch taken if an error occurs during execution.

The resource string can be printed to the SYSGUI device to display a window or a dialog, as defined in the resource file. In BBj, the string returned from the resource file by the RESGET() function no longer includes information about windows, menus, child menus, and image lists. The string is only valid within one process. It cannot be saved internally then loaded for use in another process.

RESGET() functions that use an unassigned variable as the handle will fail in BBj.

A resource cannot be displayed after the SYSGUI channel has been closed and reopened. In BBx, the string returned from RESGET was a string representing all the information in the resource. Therefore, it could be used, even after the SYSGUI channel was closed. In BBj, the string no longer represents an entire resource, and the string returned from RESGET is only valid in the SYSGUI channel the resource was opened in using the RESOPEN() Function - Open Resource File.

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