Consuming Web Services


To write a BBj program that consumes a Web service, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Build or obtain the necessary Java classes for consuming the web service. Often, Web Service providers provide a document called a WSDL. If this is the case:

  1. Include the Java class files or JARs in your BBj classpath, either by modifying the BBj's classpath or creating an SSCP.

  2. Use embedded Java to invoke the methods of the generated Java Objects, as described in the "Consuming the Web Service" section of the Advantage article From Legacy to Enterprise With BBj Web Services.

Before trying to consume a Web service from within a BBj program, first ensure that the machine running BBjServices has the proper configuration for consuming Web services.

A BBj program cannot consume Web services without the proper configuration, just as a BBj program cannot make network calls without a server machine network connection.


1. CCOS demo from the BASIS Launchdock detailed in From Legacy to Enterprise With BBj Web Services

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