Evaluation Licenses (BLS)


This page contains information about the BASIS License Service (BLS) associated with BBj or BBx 22.0 and higher. See the following article if you are looking for help related to the BASIS License Manager (BLM) associated with BASIS products up to version 21.0: Evaluation Licenses (BLM).


Evaluation licenses are not intended for testing, training, development, or to serve as a backup license. A one-time use license is available free of charge and for the user to evaluate BASIS products before purchasing a license. Evaluation Licenses are issued for a specific computer and are valid for five (5) users for five (5) days from the date of issuance. Users may not renew Evaluation Licenses.

An Evaluation License is available through the installer’s wizard page when you install the appropriate BASIS product (BBj, PRO/5, Visual PRO/5, Barista, AddonSoftware) from the BASIS product suite download page. Follow these instructions for requesting an evaluation BASIS License for BBj, Visual PRO/5, or PRO/5.

NOTE: If the evaluation license as defined does not fit your needs, contact sales@basis.cloud to review your options.

Registering for an Evaluation License

  1. Open the Start Menu and choose BLS Admin to pull up the Administration Wizard Menu. Select License Registration and click Next.

  2. The Register for a License window appears. Complete the contact information fields and click Next.

  3. The License Registration Information window appears and offers two different options:

    1. Check Requesting a 5-day 5-user evaluation license to register for an evaluation license.

    2. Enter a valid serial number and authorization number to receive a license for this server. In both cases above, the Host Name and Host ID fields are automatically filled in and should not be modified unless instructed to do so by BASIS support.

    Select an option and click Next.

  4. The License Registration and Delivery Methods window appears with the following Register and install a license automatically checkbox:

    1. Register and install a license automatically (recommended) – Requests and installs the license automatically.

      The rest of the options remain grayed out unless you uncheck the Register and install a license automatically box (not recommended). If you uncheck this box, the following options become available, giving you the ability to choose the registration and delivery methods for your permanent license and certificate files:

    2. Web browser – Submits or receives the license via HTTP.

    3. E-mail To – Submits or receives the license via email.

    4. Other – Save the license request to a file so you can email it later from a system that has Internet access.

    Note: Unchecking the Register and install a license automatically box results in you having to go through the Install a license process.

    Check or uncheck the box and click Next.