!ERROR=26 - String/Number Mismatch

A string was used where a number was needed or a number was used where a string was needed.

Execution Errors

  • An argument in a FNx() reference is not the same type as the corresponding argument in the DEF FNx statement.

  • Invalid string argument in the NUM() function.

  • Inputting into a numeric variable a field that cannot be converted into a number.

  • Attempting to access a string template character field as a numeric.

  • Attempting to perform array arithmetic between an integer array and a regular numeric array.

  • Attempting to bind a data channel to a data-aware grid using Grid SENDMSG() Function 80 and specifying a string template that includes incorrect template definition syntax.

  • Compiler Errors

  • Using the wrong type of variable or constant within statement syntax.

  • Invalid characters in a hex constant or TABLE statement.

  • No closing quote for an ASCII constant.

In BBj, this error can also indicate the following errors:

  • Incompatible types in an assignment involving object expressions

  • Attempting to assign a dynamically resolved object expression to a statically resolved variable

  • Attempting to pass a dynamically resolved object expression to a method call on a statically resolved object expression.

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