WINDELETE Mnemonic - Delete a Saved Character Window (Terminal Device)








The text string identifier associated with the character window at the time it was saved.

In BBj 15.0 and higher, the 'WINDELETE' mnemonic deletes one or more saved character windows from the map of saved windows. If no key string parameter is supplied, all the existing saved windows will be deleted from storage. If the optional key string is supplied, only the matching saved window will be deleted.

The key string parameter is any arbitrary but unique name which serves as a key for identifying the saved character in the map. This key must be the same string that was used to save the character window in the original 'WINSAVE' operation, else the window cannot be located in the map and will not be deleted. It does not correspond to the title of the character window (if the window has a title) or have any other purpose besides uniquely identifying the saved character window in the storage map.

Deleting a saved character window has no affect on any matching copy amongst the active character windows. It does not change anything on the screen and does not trigger a screen refresh.

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