Alphabetic Listing - Functions

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!() Function

ABS() Function

ADJN() Function

AND() Function

ARGV() Function

ASC() Function

ATH() Function

ATN() Function

BIN() Function     BBj-specific: BIN() Function

BSZ() Function

BBj-specific: CAST() Function

CHANOPT() Function

CHR() Function

BBj-specific: CLIENTENV() Function



CLIPTOSTR() Function

COS() Function

CPL() Function     BBj-specific: CPL() Function

CRC() Function

CRC16() Function

CTRL() Function     BBj-specific: CTRL() Function

CVS() Function     BBj-specific: CVS() Function

CVT() Function     BBj-specific: CVT() Function

DATE() Function     BBj-specific: DATE() Function

DEC() Function

DECRYPT() Function

DIMS() Function     BBj-specific: DIMS() Function

DIR() Function

DSK() Function

ENCRYPT() Function

BBj-specific: ENV() Function

EPT() Function

ERR() Function/Variable

ERRMES() Function     BBj-specific: ERRMES() Function

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FATTR() Function     BBj-specific: FATTR() Function

FBIN() Function     BBj-specific: FBIN() Function

FDEC() Function     BBj-specific: FDEC() Function

FID() Function     BBj-specific: FID() Function

FIELD() and NFIELD() Functions

BBj-specific: FILEOPEN() Function

FILEOPT() Function

BBj-specific: FILESAVE() Function

FILL() Function

FIN() Function     BBj-specific: FIN() Function

FNx() Function     BBj-specific: FNx() Function

FPT() Function

GAP() Function

HSA() Function

HSH() Function

HTA() Function

BBj-specific: IFF() Function

IND() Function

INFO() Function     BBj-specific: INFO() Function

INT() Function

IOR() Function

JUL() Function     BBj-specific: JUL() Function

KEY(),KEYF(),KEYL(),KEYN(),KEYP() Functions

KEYR() BBj Key Requested Function

KGEN() Function

LCHECKOUT() Function     BBj-specific: LCHECKOUT() Function

LEN() Function

BBj-specific: LEVENSHTEIN() Function

LINFO() Function

LOG() Function

LRC() Function

LST() Function     BBj-specific: LST() Function

MASK() Function

MAX() Function

MENUINFO() Function

MIN() Function

MOD() Function

MSGBOX() Function     BBj-specific: MSGBOX() Function

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NEVAL() Function     BBj-specific: NEVAL() Function

NOT() Function

NOTICE() Function

NOTICETPL() Function     BBj-specific: NOTICETPL() Function

BBj-specific: NULL() Function

NUM() Function

PAD() Function

PCK() Function

PGM() Function

POS() Function

BBj-Specific: PROMPT() Function - Prompt For String Value

PUB() Function     BBj-specific: PUB() Function

RESFIRST() Function

RESGET() Function     BBj-specific: RESGET() Function

RESINFO() Function     BBj-specific: RESINFO() Function

RESNEXT() Function

RESOPEN() Function     BBj-specific: RESOPEN() Function

RND() Function     BBj-specific: RND() Function

ROUND() Function

SCALL() Function     BBj-specific: SCALL() Function

SENDMSG() Function

BBj-specific: SERVERENV() Function

SEVAL() Function     BBj-specific: SEVAL() Function

SGN() Function

SIN() Function

SQLERR() Function

SQLFETCH() Function

SQLLIST() Function     BBj-specific: SQLLIST() Function

SQLTABLES() Function

SQLTMPL() Function     BBj-specific: SQLTMPL() Function

SQR() Function

SSORT() Function

SSZ() Function

STBL() Function

STR() Function     BBj-specific: STR() Function

SWAP() Function

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TBL() Function

TCB() Function     BBj-specific: TCB() Function

BBj-specific: TIME() Function

TMPL() Function

BBj-specific: TOPEN() Function

TSK() Function     BBj-specific: TSK() Function

UPK() Function

WINFIRST() Function

WININFO() Function

WINNEXT() Function

BBj-specific: XFID() Function

XFIN() Function     

BBj-specifc: XKGEN() Function

XOR() Function

BBj-specifc: XSSORT() Function

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