RELOCATE Mnemonic - Move the SysWindow (SysConsole/SysWindow)




In BBj 2.01 and higher, the 'RELOCATE' mnemonic will move the upper left corner of the SysConsole/SysWindow to the specified X and Y pixel coordinates relative to the upper left corner of the display screen. X controls the horizontal position, where an increasing X value will move the SysWindow to the right. Y controls the vertical position, where an increasing Y value will move the SysWindow down. The X and Y coordinates must be integers, but can be either positive or negative. No limits are placed on the value range of the X and Y coordinates, which means that large coordinate values can move the SysWindow entirely off the screen.


As a safety feature to prevent application windows from being moved off the screen and becoming "lost" to the user, the native windowing system on certain platforms may ignore or modify any programmatic request to move the BBj SysConsole/SysWindow partially or completely outside of the screen bounds. On such platforms, negative X and Y coordinate values given to the 'RELOCATE' mnemonic will be changed to 0 instead, thus preventing the SysConsole/SysWindow from moving as the program intended.

If the intent for using the 'RELOCATE' mnemonic was to temporarily remove the SysConsole/SysWindow from the display, a better method which avoids potential problems with an overly safety-conscious native windowing system might be to use the 'HIDE' mnemonic.




Integer X coordinate value


Integer Y coordinate value

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