Benefits of 'SoftwareAssetManagement' Feature Line


The SoftwareAssetManagement feature line, included in each license with an active subscription to BASIS' Software Asset Management (SAM) plan:

  • Assists BBj developers and end users.

  • Generates automatically during registration.

  • BLS automatically attempts to re-register license as this feature expires.

  • Required for virtual licenses installed on virtual BLS servers.

  • Enables the use of OpenJDK 11 and beyond.

  • Allows full functionality of the BBJasper Utility.

  • Monitors all write and remove operations that occur on one or more files or directories. See Asynchronous Triggers.

  • Monitors write or remove operations made to one or more data files accessed by the application. See Data Change Auditing.

  • Facilitates the visualization of data via dashboard widgets that may contain a variety of information. See Dashboard Utility.

  • Generates BBj object-oriented code to create, manage, and display a Widget, Widget Set, or Widget Dashboard. See Widget Wizard.

  • Implements full text searching and indexing. See FULLTEXT File Type and SQL FULLTEXT Indices.

  • Enables BBj Database and File Replication to local and/or remote machines. See Replication.

  • Adds the option to set the BBjHtmlView control to use JavaFX or the Chromium engine (if available); in these configurations, BBjHtmlView is a complete web browser, with support for HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. See JAVAFX_HTMLVIEW and CHROMIUM_HTMLVIEW in STBL Formats - BBj.

  • Provides the ability to create Web Services from custom classes.

  • Provides much greater flexibility in deploying and controlling access to web applications with the jetty.xml config file. See the BASIS Advantage article Don’t Put All of Your Jetty Eggs in One Context.  

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