Dialog Wizard Overview

In BBj 12.0 and higher, use the Dialog Wizard iteratively with your application resource files.

  • Provides fast prototyping and creation of standard program modules as a foundation for further development
  • Allows simple data exchange between UI controls and program variables
  • Supports point-and-click selection of controls and their events
  • Generates callbacks and method stubs automatically
  • Offers pre-built Barista menu callback ‘plumbing’ for incorporation of the generated code into the Barista MDI
  • Preserves developer code changes for previously generated program sources
  • Includes a GUI and BUI launcher for testing the resultant code

To start the Dialog Wizard, right-click on a resource file in the Filesystems view of the IDE and choose "Run Dialog Wizard" from the context menu. It uses the "config.min" found in the "cfg" directory of the BBj installation directory so you may need to configure it for your development environment, such as removing DSKSYN entries, etc.

Alternatively, you can start the wizard like any other BBj program with the following command with your configuration file, e.g. config.bbx:

run DialogWizard/DialogWizardRun.bbj


 For complete Dialog Wizard documentation, click here.