BASIS Resource Bundle Editor


In BBj 12.0 and higher, the BASIS Resource Bundle Editor provides an intuitive user interface that allows for the creation and editing of Java resource bundles, which are much like string tables, most commonly used for localization. The resultant resource bundles can be accessed in BBj code via BBTranslator. This utility provides runtime access to the string literals based on the current locale (Language/Country/Variant).

The Resource Bundle Editor resides in the directory <bbj_install>/utils/translations in the resourcebundleeditor.bbj module.

Launch the Editor

Run the Resource Bundle Editor by selecting BASIS > BBj > Utilities > Resource Bundle Editor. Alternatively, you can invoke the Editor as follows:


bbj resourcebundleeditor.bbj <resource bundle file> <lock bundle>


<resource bundle file>

The path/file of the resource bundle

<lock bundle>

Either 1 or 0. Locking the bundle (1) will prevent any other users from using the resource bundle until editing is complete. The default is to lock the bundle (1).

To run via Web Start, download and run from

Edit a Resource Bundle

Once the Editor launches, the following desktop displays with access to familiar functions for editing and creating new properties.

Select File > Open a Resource Bundle and select the bundle you wish to edit.

The existing keys appear in the pod to the left and the translations for the selected key appears in the pod to the right as shown below. The two icons to the right of the "Number of keys" field in the key pod set to Tree View or Flat View, as well as from the View dropdown. A hyphen is the default character in the key name that creates a tree level; change this to an underscore in the Options dialog.

Select the key to edit and made the changes in the language as needed. The "Default - sync to" language is "None" but is selectable.

In addition to accessing functions via the menu options File, Edit, etc., at the top of the editor window, shortcut keys also access many of these functions.



Create a new translation


Open a Resource Bundle


Close a Resource Bundle

 Recent Bundles

Display/open a recently opened Resource Bundle


Save a Resource Bundle

 Save As

Save as


Exit a Resource Bundle




Cut text


Copy text


Paste text


Undo last edit


Redo last edit





 Previous Key

Select previous key or press [Pg Up]

 Next Key

Select next key or press [Pg Down]

 Add Key

Add a key

 Delete Key

Delete a key

 Edit Key

Edit a key

 Add locale

Add new locale

 Delete locale

Delete existing locale


Defines style of text entry for new keys

o  Case; default is mixed case

o  Character substitution for spaces; default is underscores

o  Character to create child level; default is hyphen


The revision level of the BASIS Resource Bundle Editor