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@ Mnemonic - Set Horizontal Position

@ Mnemonic - Set Horizontal And Vertical Position

ABS Mnemonic - Set Absolute Plotter Starting Position

AMOUSE Mnemonic - Create an Absolute Mouse Hot Spot

ARC Mnemonic - Draw Arc (Plotter)

ARC Mnemonic - Draw Arc (SYSGUI)

ARROW Mnemonic - Draw Arrow

ASK Mnemonic - Create a Question Dialog     BBj-specific: ASK Mnemonic - Create a Question Dialog

BBj-specific: AUTOPASTE Mnemonic - Allow Automatic Copy and Paste of a Single Word

ASPECT Mnemonic - Set Aspect Ratio

ATTR Mnemonic - Restore Attributes

BACKCOLOR Mnemonic - Set Background Color (SYSGUI)     BBj-specific: BACKCOLOR Mnemonic - Set Background Color

BACKGR Mnemonic - Background Color Control

BBj-specific: BACKGROUND Mnemonic - Set Control Background Color

BB Mnemonic - Begin Blink Attribute Terminal

BB Mnemonic - Begin Bold Attribute (Printer)

BC Mnemonic - Cursor Backspace

BE Mnemonic - Begin Echo Mode

BG Mnemonic - Begin !ERROR=29 Generation (Printer Channel and Printer Device)

BG Mnemonic - Begin !ERROR=29 Generation (Terminal)

BI Mnemonic - Begin Input Transparency

BITMAP Mnemonic - Draw Bitmap in SYSPRINT Device

BBj-Specific: BITMAP Mnemonic - Draw BITMAP in SYSPRINT Device

BLACK Mnemonic - Set Text Color Black

BLUE Mnemonic - Set Text Color Blue

BBj-specific: BMARGIN Mnemonic - Bottom Margin

BO Mnemonic - Begin Output Transparency (Printer Channel and Printer Device)

BO Mnemonic - Begin Output Transparency (Terminal)

BOX Mnemonic - Print a Box

BR Mnemonic - Begin Reverse Video Attribute

BRUSHCOLOR Mnemonic - Set Brush Color for Filled Drawn Objects     BBj-specific: BRUSHCOLOR Mnemonic

BS Mnemonic - Backspace/Destructive Backspace Mnemonic

BT Mnemonic - Begin Type Ahead Control

BU Mnemonic - Begin Underline Attribute (Printer)

BU Mnemonic - Begin Underline Attribute (Terminal)

BUTTON Mnemonic - Create a Push Button Control

BBj-specific: CAPTURE Mnemonic - Capture Underlying Text

CE Mnemonic - Clear to End of Screen

CEDIT Mnemonic - Create Multi-line Text Edit Control

CF Mnemonic - Clear Foreground

CH Mnemonic - Cursor Home

CHARS Mnemonic - Set Character Units

CHECK Mnemonic - Check Object(s)

CHECKBOX Mnemonic - Create a Check Box Control     BBj-specific: CHECKBOX Mnemonic

CHILD Mnemonic - Create a Child Window

CI Mnemonic - Clear Input Buffer

CL Mnemonic - Clear to End of Line

CLEAR Mnemonic - Clear Drawn Objects

CLEAR Mnemonic - Clear Viewport

CLEARBG Mnemonic - Clear to Background Color

CLRTITLE Mnemonic - Clear Window and Control Titles According to ID

CLRTYPE Mnemonic - Clear Windows or Control Titles According to Type

COLOR Mnemonic - Set Drawing Color

COLOR Mnemonic - Set Pen, Brush, and Text Colors

COLORSET Mnemonic - Set Control Colors     BBj-specific: COLORSET Mnemonic

CONTEXT Mnemonic - Set Device Context

BBj-specific: COPYSTYLE Mnemonic – Set the SysWindow Copy/Paste Mechanism (SysConsole/SysWindow)

CP Mnemonic - Set Compressed Print Mode (Printer)

CP Mnemonic - Set Compressed Print Mode (Terminal)

CR Mnemonic - Carriage Return (Printer)

CR Mnemonic - Carriage Return (Terminal)

CS Mnemonic - Clear Window

BBj-specific: CTRLCCOPY Mnemonic - Set the SysWindow Copy/Paste Mechanism

CUE Mnemonic - Set Cue Text

CURSOR Mnemonic - Cursor Attributes     BBj-specific: CURSOR Mnemonic

CYAN Mnemonic - Set Text Color Cyan

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DC Mnemonic - Delete Character

DEFAULT Mnemonic - Set Attribute Default

DESTROY Mnemonic - Destroy Context

DESTROY Mnemonic - Destroy GUI Object

DISABLE Mnemonic - Disable Object(s)

DISABLE Mnemonic - Disable Window

DN Mnemonic - Cursor Down

DOCK Mnemonic - Change Child Window Docking Position     

BBj-specific: DOCK Mnemonic - Position the SysWindow (SysConsole/SysWindow)

DRAW Mnemonic - Draw to Point

DRAW Mnemonic - Pen Draw

DRAWMODE Mnemonic - Set SYSGUI Drawing Mode

DRAWUNITS Mnemonic - Set Unit of Measure for Drawing

DROP Mnemonic - Drop Window

EB Mnemonic - End Blink Attribute

EB Mnemonic - End Bold Attribute

EDIT Mnemonic - Create an Edit Control

EE Mnemonic - End Echo Mode

EG Mnemonic - End !ERROR 29 Generation (Printer Channel and Printer Device)

EG Mnemonic - End !ERROR 29 Generation (Terminal Channel)

EI Mnemonic - End Input Transparency Control

EL Mnemonic - Edit Key Control

EL Mnemonic - End Slew Buffer Load

ELLIPSE Mnemonic - Draw Ellipse

ENABLE Mnemonic - Enable Object(s)

ENABLE Mnemonic - Enable Window

BBj-specific: ENDBATCH Mnemonic

ENDSPOOL Mnemonic - Force Windows Print Job

EO Mnemonic - End Output Transparency Control (Printer Channel and Printer Device)

EO Mnemonic - End Output Transparency Control (Terminal Channel)

EP Mnemonic - Expanded Print

ER Mnemonic - End Reverse Video Attribute

ES Mnemonic - Send Escape (Printer)

ES Mnemonic - Send Escape (Terminal)

ET Mnemonic - End Type Ahead Control

EU Mnemonic - End Underline Attribute (Printer)

EU Mnemonic - End Underline Attribute (Terminal)

EVENTMASK Mnemonic - Change Event Mask     BBj-specific: EVENTMASK Mnemonic

FF Mnemonic - Form Feed

FILEOPEN Mnemonic - Create File Open Dialog     BBj-specific: FILEOPEN Mnemonic

FILESAVE Mnemonic - Create File Save Dialog     BBj-specific: FILESAVE Mnemonic

FILL Mnemonic - Set Fill Type (Plotter)     BBj-specific: FILL Mnemonic

FILL Mnemonic - Set Fill Type (SYSGUI)

FL Mnemonic - Function Key Control

FLUSH Mnemonic - Flush Event Queue

FMTTEXT Mnemonic - Insert Formatted Text into SYSPRINT Device     BBj-specific: FMTTEXT Mnemonic

FOCUS Mnemonic - Set Focus to Control or Window

FOCUS Mnemonic - Set Keyboard Focus

FONT Mnemonic - Set Control Font     BBj-specific: FONT Mnemonic - Set Control/SYSGUI Window Font

FONT Mnemonic - Set Plotter Text Font     BBj-specific: FONT Mnemonic - Set Plotter Text Font

FONT Mnemonic - Set SYSGUI Drawing Font

FONT Mnemonic - Set SYSPRINT Font     BBj-specific: FONT Mnemonic - Set SYSPRINT Font

FONT Mnemonic - Set SYSWINDOW Font     BBj-specific: FONT Mnemonic - Set Control/SYSGUI Window Font

FORECOLOR Mnemonic - Set Foreground Color

BBj-specific: FOREGROUND Mnemonic - Set Control Foreground Color

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GE Mnemonic - Graphics End

GETS Mnemonic - Create Message Dialog

GOTO Mnemonic - Go to Window

GREEN Mnemonic - Set Text Color Green

GRID Mnemonic - Create a Grid Control     BBj-specific: GRID Mnemonic

GROUPBOX Mnemonic - Create a Group Box Control     BBj-specific: GROUPBOX Mnemonic

GS Mnemonic - Graphics Start     BBj-specific: GS Mnemonic

HELP Mnemonic - Access WinHelp     BBj-specific: HELP Mnemonic

HIDE Mnemonic - Hide Object(s)

HIDE Mnemonic - Hide Window

BBj-specific: HISTSIZE Mnemonic - Set Command History Size

HSCROLL Mnemonic - Create a Horizontal Scroll Bar Control

IC Mnemonic - Insert Character

ILISTDEL Mnemonic - Destroy Image List

IMAGE Mnemonic - Draw Bitmapped Image

IMAGELIST Mnemonic - Create Image List

INJECT Mnemonic -Set Button Response Text

BBj-specific: INPUTD Mnemonic - Create Date Edit (INPUTD) Control

INPUTE Mnemonic - Create Graphical Edit (INPUTE) Control     BBj-specific: INPUTE Mnemonic

INPUTN Mnemonic - Create Numeric Edit (INPUTN) Control     BBj-specific: INPUTN Mnemonic

KL Mnemonic - Keyboard Lock

KU Mnemonic - Keyboard Unlock

LC Mnemonic - Lower Case Input

LD Mnemonic - Line Delete

LF Mnemonic - Linefeed

LI Mnemonic - Line Insert

LINE Mnemonic - Draw Line (Plotter)

LINE Mnemonic - Draw Line (SYSGUI)

LINE Mnemonic - Draw Line in SYSPRINT Device

LISTADD Mnemonic - Add List Item

LISTBOX Mnemonic - Create a List Box Control

LISTBUTTON Mnemonic - Create a List Button     BBj-specific: LISTBUTTON Mnemonic

LISTCLR Mnemonic - Clear List

LISTDEL Mnemonic - Delete List Item

LISTEDIT Mnemonic - Create a List Edit Control     BBj-specific: LISTEDIT Mnemonic

LISTMSEL Mnemonic - Select Multiple List Items     BBj-specific: LISTMSEL Mnemonic

LISTRESUME Mnemonic - Resume List Updates

LISTSEL Mnemonic - Select List Item

LISTSELSIZE Mnemonic - Change Size

LISTSUSPEND Mnemonic - Suspend List Updates

LISTUNSEL Mnemonic - Deselect List Item

LMARGIN Mnemonic - Left Margin

BBj-specific: LOCKMODE Mnemonic - Lock Columns and Rows

LT Mnemonic - Cursor Left

MAGENTA Mnemonic - Set Text Color Magenta

MAXIMIZE Mnemonic - Maximize Window

MAXIMIZE Mnemonic - Maximize Window (SYSWINDOW)

MEASURE Mnemonic - Measure Text

MINICON Mnemonic - Create Window Icon     BBj-specific: MINICON Mnemonic

MINIMIZE Mnemonic - Minimize Window     BBj-specific: MINIMIZE Mnemonic

MINIMIZE Mnemonic - Minimize Window (SYSWINDOW)

MOUSE Mnemonic - Create a Mouse Hot Spot

MOVE Mnemonic - Move Control/Window     BBj-specific: MOVE Mnemonic

MOVE Mnemonic - Move to Point

MOVE Mnemonic - Move Window

MOVETO Mnemonic - Move Pen

MP Mnemonic - Printer Buffer Control (Parallel)

MS Mnemonic - Printer Buffer Control (Serial)

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NOFILL Mnemonic - Disable Brush Fill

NOFILL Mnemonic - Disable Filling

OFFSET Mnemonic - Set X and Y Offset

OPAQUE Mnemonic - Select Text Transparency Mode

OPTIONS Mnemonic - Control Options

BBj-specific: OVERLAY Mnemonic - Display an underlying character window on top of the active window (Terminal Device)

PAINT Mnemonic - Paint Region

PALETTE Mnemonic - Select Drawing Palette

PATTERN Mnemonic - Set SYSGUI/SYSPLOT Pen Pattern

PBEGIN Mnemonic - Begin Printing

PCANCEL Mnemonic - Cancel Printing

PE Mnemonic - Protect Mode End

PENCOLOR Mnemonic - Set Pen Color

PEND Mnemonic - End Printing

PENWIDTH Mnemonic - Set Pen Width

PIXELS Mnemonic - Set Pixel Units

PLAYSOUND Mnemonic - Play a Sound File

PLOTTEXT Mnemonic - Plot Text

POLYGON Mnemonic - Draw Polygon

POLYLINE Mnemonic - Draw Polyline (Plotter)

POLYLINE Mnemonic - Draw Polyline (SYSGUI)

POP Mnemonic - Pop Window

POP Mnemonic - Restore Drawing Position

PRESTORE Mnemonic - Restore Print Setup

PS Mnemonic - Protect Mode Start

PSETUP Mnemonic - Activate Print Setup Dialog

PUSH Mnemonic - Push Window

PUSH Mnemonic - Save Drawing Position

PWINDOW Mnemonic - Print Window

RADIOBUTTON Mnemonic - Create a Radio Button Control     BBj-specific: RADIOBUTTON Mnemonic

RADIOGROUP Mnemonic - Create Radio Group

RAISE Mnemonic - Bring Window to Front (General Control)

RAISE Mnemonic - Bring Window to Front (SYSWINDOW)

RB Mnemonic - Ring Bell (Printer Device)

RB Mnemonic - Ring Bell (Terminal Device)

RC Mnemonic - Read Cursor

READONLY Mnemonic - Make Edit Control(s) Read-Only     BBj-specific: READONLY Mnemonic

READWRITE Mnemonic - Make Edit Control(s) User Changeable     BBj-specific: READWRITE Mnemonic

RECT Mnemonic - Draw Rectangle (Plotter)

RECT Mnemonic - Draw Rectangle (SYSGUI)

RED Mnemonic - Set Text Color Red

REDRAW Mnemonic - Redraw SYSWINDOW

REDRAW Mnemonic - Redraw Window Contents

REL Mnemonic - Set Relative Plotter Starting Position

RELEASE Mnemonic - End Mouse Event Trap

BBj-specific: RELOCATE Mnemonic - Move the SysWindow

BBj-specific: RESIZE Mnemonic - Change the SysConsole/Window Size

RESOURCE Mnemonic - Invoke Prepared Resource     BBj-specific: RESOURCE Mnemonic

RESTORE Mnemonic - Restore Window (SysWindow)

RESTORE Mnemonic - Restore Window (SYSGUI)

RESUME Mnemonic - Resume Updates

RGB Mnemonic - Set Terminal Foreground and Background Colors

RL Mnemonic - Read Line

RM Mnemonic - Reset Modes/Attributes

BBj-specific: RMARGIN Mnemonic - Right Margin

ROTATE Mnemonic - Set Plot Rotation

ROUND Mnemonic - Draw Rounded Rectangles

RP Mnemonic - Read Page to End

RS Mnemonic - Refresh Screen

RT Mnemonic - Move Cursor Right

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S2...S8 Mnemonic - Slew Commands

SB Mnemonic - Set Background Attribute

SCALE Mnemonic - Scale Coordinates

SCRIBBLE Mnemonic - Toggle Scribble On/Off

SCROLL Mnemonic - Set Scrolling Region, Disable Scrolling Enable Scrolling, Reset Scrolling Region

SCROLLPOS Mnemonic - Set Scroll Bar Position

SCROLLPROP Mnemonic - Set Scroll Bar Proportion

SCROLLRANGE Mnemonic - Set Scroll Bar Range

SELECT Mnemonic - Select Text

SEMICHARS Mnemonic - Set Semicharacter Units

SET Mnemonic - Plot a Point

SET Mnemonic - Set Point

SETCURSOR Mnemonic - Select Mouse Cursor Shape

SETCURSOR Mnemonic - Select Mouse Cursor Shape (Special Window)

SETMENU Mnemonic - Set or Replace Menu     BBj-specific: SETMENU Mnemonic

SF Mnemonic - Set Foreground Attribute

SHOW Mnemonic - Make Window Visible

SHOW Mnemonic - Show Object(s)

SIZE Mnemonic - Set Control/Window Size     BBj-specific: SIZE Mnemonic

SIZE Mnemonic - Set SYSWINDOW Size

SL Mnemonic - Begin Slew Buffer Load

SP Mnemonic - Standard Print

SP Mnemonic - Standard Screen Size

STATBAR Mnemonic - Create a Status Bar

BBj-specific: STARTBATCH Mnemonic

SUSPEND Mnemonic - Suspend Updates

SWAP Mnemonic - Swap Windows

TABCTRL Mnemonic - Create a Tab Control     BBj-specific: TABCTRL Mnemonic - Create a Tab Control

TBUTTON Mnemonic - Create a Tool Button Control

TEXT Mnemonic - Create a Static Text Control

TEXT Mnemonic - Insert Text Into SYSPRINT Window     BBj-specific: TEXT Mnemonic

TEXT Mnemonic - Plot Text

TEXTCOLOR Mnemonic - Set Text Color

TITLE Mnemonic - Set Control/Window Title

TITLE Mnemonic - Set Window Title

TMARGIN Mnemonic - Top Margin

TR Mnemonic - Read Page From Start

TRACK Mnemonic - Toggle Tracking On/Off

TRAP Mnemonic - Begin Mouse Event Trap

TXADD Mnemonic - Add Paragraph(s) to a Custom Edit Control

TXAPPEND Mnemonic - Append Custom Edit Control Paragraph(s)

TXCLR Mnemonic - Clear Custom Edit Control Paragraph(s)

TXDEL Mnemonic - Delete Custom Edit Control Paragraph

TXEDIT Mnemonic - Create a Custom Edit Control

TXLIMIT Mnemonic - Limit Custom Edit Control Paragraph Length

TXRESUME Mnemonic - Resume Custom Edit Control Updates

TXSELECT Mnemonic - Perform Custom Edit Control Text Selection

TXSETTAB Mnemonic - Change Custom Edit Control Tab Settings

TXSUSPEND Mnemonic - Suspend Custom Edit Control Updates

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UC Mnemonic - Upper Case Input

UNCHECK Mnemonic - Uncheck Object(s)

UP Mnemonic - Cursor Up

VIEWPORT Mnemonic - Set Viewport

VIRTUAL Mnemonic - Set Virtual Drawing Surface

VSCROLL Mnemonic - Create a Vertical Scroll Bar Control

VT Mnemonic - Vertical Tab

WHITE Mnemonic - Set Text Color White

BBj-specific: WINDELETE Mnemonic - Delete a saved character window (Terminal Device)

WINDOW Mnemonic - Create a SYSGUI Window     BBj-specific: WINDOW Mnemonic

WINDOW Mnemonic - Create a Window (Terminal Device)     BBj-specific: WINDOW Mnemonic

WINDOW Mnemonic - Get Active Window Numbers

WINFONT Mnemonic - Set Default Window And Control Font

BBj-specific: WINRESTORE Mnemonic - Restore a saved character window (Terminal Device)

BBj-specific: WINSAVE Mnemonic - Save a copy of a character window (Terminal Device)

WORLD Mnemonic - Set World Coordinates

WRAP Mnemonic - Enable and Disable Line Wrapping

YELLOW Mnemonic - Set Text Color Yellow

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