BASIS Custom Installer (BCI) - Overview

In BBj 11.0 and higher, the BCI (BASIS Custom Installer) makes it possible to customize the installation process of non-BASIS products. To learn more about the BCI, read the following BASIS Advantage article Introducing the BASIS Custom Installer.

Create a custom installation that uses the BCI by following these easy steps.

Step 1.  

Create a jar file that contains all necessary files for the installation.


jar cvf package_demos.jar demos

Step 2.

Create a custominstall.xml file that provides the instructions for the installation, referring to the custominstall.xml documentation for more detailed information.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<Suite name="Demo Product Suite">

<!-- Demos Feature -->

<Feature name="Demos">

    <Jar name="package_demos.jar">

        <Directory name="demos/demo1" installdir="demos/grid"/>

        <File name="demos/documentation/readme.htm"   installdir="demos/docs"/>

        <File name="demos/documentation/relnotes.htm" installdir="demos/docs"/>





Step 3.  

Add the jar created in Step 1 and the custominstall.xml created in Step 2 to a BASIS installable jar.


jar uvf BBjBaristaAddon1003_12-18-2010_1831.jar package_demos.jar custominstall.xml

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