BBJSP (Deprecated)

The BBJSP system is deprecated. For new development, use BBxServlet.


In BBj 16.0 and higher, BBJSP is a web application framework that generates dynamic web pages built from your data. Using HTML and BBJSP tags along with BBj programs, you can generate rich, content-driven HTML.

BBJSP is an HTML markup variant that allows you to control the HTML generation programmatically before serving the page. Use BBJSP to collect input from users through web forms, present records from a database or another source, and create web pages on-the-fly. A standard set of BBJSP Tag Libraries provide basic functionality within each BBJSP Page, but you can extend BBJSP by creating your own BBJSP Tag Libraries. You can then use these custom libraries for a variety of purposes to build applications with a consistent look and feel.

The BBJSP framework is an object-oriented framework and requires the use of custom BBj objects.

Key Features of BBJSP

  • Each BBJSP Page is based on HTML and enhanced by including elements from the Core Tag Library or your by writing custom BBJSP Tag Libraries to generate content. Tag Libraries provide the ability to create reusable page fragments or to embed more complex control code within a page. The Core Tag Library includes several predefined tags for common situations.

  • The Command Engine provides the flow control in your application. Commands are BBj programs that contain your business logic and process requests.

  • BBJSP provides long-term storage for session data. It is configurable per web application and is typically used to store a visitor's data over multiple sessions. This enables you to build a data-centric application that will persist across multiple visits to the site. For more details see the BBJSP Session Data Overview

  • The Pipeline Engine provide a mechanism to process a set of related tasks in a sequence. Pipelines can perform additional data manipulation and may branch to other components in the pipeline based on the program logic.

  • The Servlet Engine gives you complete control of the entire request processing via BBj code. For more details please see the BBJSP Servlet Overview.

The BBJSP Page and BBjspCommands are deployed automatically to the server. The developer can edit the page and the command code during testing which will cause the deployment to be updated so that the changes can be seen without the need for restarting BBjServices.

You can find more information about BBJSP in a recent Advantage article entitled Getting Started with BBJSP.

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