XCALL Server


The new Java-based BBj XCALL Server, integrated as part of BBjServices in BBj 19.00 and higher, allows for the calling of a BBj program from PRO/5 or Visual PRO/5 10.0 and higher via the XCALL Verb. The XCALL Server supersedes the pre-BBj 19 XCALL Server (now renamed the XCALL Client Proxy Server) and is very robust and scalable. Written in Java, limited resources are used by handling each XCALL client in a separate thread.

The XCALL Server does not support rarely-needed client GUI features such as creating windows or calling BBjThinClient API methods. The XCALL Client Proxy Server continues to provide those client-side features.

Starting the XCALL Server

The BBj XCALL Server can be configured to run in Enterprise Manager > BBjServices > Servers > XCALL. Other options, such as the port, bind address, SSL, etc., can also be specified. See XCALL Verb: Configuration for more details on configuration.

During a BBx installation, the XCALL Server will be configured to run on port 4444 by default.

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