COPYSTYLE Mnemonic – Set the SysWindow Copy/Paste Mechanism (SysConsole/SysWindow)







In BBj 19.0 and higher, the 'COPYSTYLE' mnemonic controls the type of copy/paste mechanism available to the user of the SysWindow.

The "pro5" setting enables the default traditional Visual PRO/5 copy/paste mechanism. This is available only from the SysWindow’s Edit menu. Selecting Copy changes the cursor to a cross-hair shape and draws a dotted-line rectangle around the text to be copied when the left mouse button is pressed and dragged over the SysWindow.

The "ctrlc" setting disables the traditional Visual PRO/5 copy/paste mechanism and enables copying with Ctrl+C (Windows) or Cmd+C (macOS) and pasting with Ctrl+V or Cmd+V.

The "ctrli" and "ctrlinsert" settings disable the traditional Visual PRO/5 copy/paste mechanism and enable copying and pasting with Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert.

For the "ctrlc", "ctrli", and "ctrlinsert" settings, text is selected by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the cursor over the text, resulting in it being highlighted with reverse video. The Ctrl+A or Cmd+A key combination selects all the text currently visible in the SysWindow. In addition to the key combinations entered directly from the keyboard, copying and pasting is available from the Edit menu and the popup menu activated by pressing the right mouse button.

The [Ctrl/Cmd]+C copy mechanism is undeniably more convenient and intuitive than the traditional Visual PRO/5 copy mechanism, but it also imposes two serious caveats which may make its use inadvisable in certain applications:

  1. The Ctrl+C or Cmd+C key combination is no longer available as a program interrupt.

  2. Mouse hotspots (created with the SysWindow 'MOUSE' and 'AMOUSE' mnemonics) are ignored. All mouse clicks and drags performed in the area of the SysWindow are now applied to text selection, making it impossible to activate a mouse hotspot.




Turns off the ability to copy/paste using the Ctrl+C/Cmd+C and Ctrl+V/Cmd+V key combinations. Instead, copy/paste is done with the traditional Visual PRO/5 dotted-line selection mechanism available from the Edit menu.


Turns on the ability to copy/paste using the Ctrl+C/Cmd+C and  Ctrl+V/Cmd+V key combinations.

"ctrli" or "ctrlinsert"

Turns on the ability to copy/paste using Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert key combinations.

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