RADIOGROUP Mnemonic - Create a Radio Button Group




The 'RADIOGROUP' mnemonic groups id-specified radio buttons together. Without this mnemonic, the radio button control will not operate. (This is not the same as the optional grouping for Keyboard Navigation.) There is no limit to how many groups of radio buttons may be active in a window or dialog. Radio buttons must have consecutive IDs in order to navigate correctly, regardless of their radiogroup. Radio button grouping must be performed after the window is created and in the context of the window containing the buttons to be grouped. Also, the radio buttons must already have been created. Group boxes and the "Group" flag are not relevant to the logical grouping of radio buttons. Note that there is no way to add a radio button to an existing group. However, you can destroy all the buttons in a group, create a new set of buttons, and then assign a new grouping.




Control ID of the radio button(s) to be grouped. Each ID must be an integer between 1 and 32767.

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