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BBj-Specific Information

JKEYED Behavior (Deprecated)

Because JKEYED files work with true variable-length records, a READ RECORD from a JKEYED file reads exactly the number of characters that were originally written. The record is not padded to the maximum defined length with $00$ characters.


When EXTRACT is used with a JKEYED transaction (not a JKEYED auto commit channel), the record will stay locked until the transaction is committed or rolled back. Extracted records can be read by other users who are using auto commit JKEYED channels. The SETOPTS bits for advisory locking have no affect on JKEYED files.

VKEYED Behavior

In BBj 6.00 and higher, because VKEYED files support named key chains, the KNUM option can specify either a key number (e.g.: KNUM=0) or a key name (e.g.: KNUM="zipcode").

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