In BBj 6.00 and higher, BBjGridMouseEvent is an abstract class that acts as the base class for other GridMouseEvents.


To see grid mouse events, set capture to true as follows: BBjGrid::setMouseCapture(true)

Methods of BBjGridMouseEvent

Return Value Method
int getXLocationInCell()
int getYLocationInCell()
int isAltDown()
int isCmdDown()
boolean isControlDown()
boolean isShiftDown()

Methods of BBjGridMouseEvent implemented for BBjGridEvent

Return Value Method
BBjDataAwareGrid getDataAwareGrid()
BBjDataBoundGrid getDataBoundGrid()
BBjStandardGrid getStandardGrid()

Methods of BBjGridMouseEvent inherited from BBjGridCellEvent

Return Value Method
java.awt.Rectangle getCellBounds()
int getColumn()
string getOriginalText()
int getRow()

Methods of BBjGridMouseEvent inherited from BBjSysGuiEvent

Return Value Method
BBjControl getControl()

Methods of BBjGridMouseEvent inherited from BBjEvent

Return Value Method
string getEventName()
string getEventString()

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