In BBj 15.00 and higher, BBjAPI().getLastEvent() returns this event when the program is executing callback code that the program has registered for the ON_GRID_LIST_CHANGE event. This event is currently only available in GUI.


The ON_GRID_LIST_CHANGE event fires whenever a BBjGrid has a list control (BBjListButton or BBjListEdit) assigned to a cell, that cell is in edit mode, and the highlighted item in the dropped-down list changes because of a mouse click or a key press.

Methods of BBjGridListChangeEvent


Methods of BBjGridListChangeEvent implemented for BBjGridEvent

Return Value Method
BBjDataAwareGrid getDataAwareGrid()
BBjDataBoundGrid getDataBoundGrid()
BBjStandardGrid getStandardGrid()

Methods of BBjGridListChangeEvent inherited from BBjGridListEvent

Return Value Method
int getIndex()
string getValue()

Methods of BBjGridListChangeEvent inherited from BBjGridCellEvent

Return Value Method
java.awt.Rectangle getCellBounds()
int getColumn()
string getOriginalText()
int getRow()

Methods of BBjGridListChangeEvent inherited from BBjSysGuiEvent

Return Value Method
BBjControl getControl()

Methods of BBjGridListChangeEvent inherited from BBjEvent

Return Value Method
string getEventName()
string getEventString()

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