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BBx brings together the latest versions of PRO/5, VPRO/5 and BBj into an installation that is pre-configured to allow for seamless integration between these components. By taking advantage of the ability for PRO/5 and VPRO/5 to cooperate with BBj, users can benefit from updated features and enhancements without needing to re-configure systems or convert data to new formats.

Installing BBx

Configuring BBx


Installing BBj 10.x and Higher - GUI

Installing BBj - Overview

Silent Installation - BBj

Installation Record/Playback

Uninstalling BBj

Visual PRO/5 and PRO/5

Installing PRO/5 - Overview

Installing PRO/5 19 and Higher

Silent Installation - Visual PRO/5


Installing BLM 18 and Higher

Enterprise Manager

The Enterprise Manager (EM) is an application that provides a central location for managing all BBjServices located throughout the enterprise. The application is available in two forms: as a pure browser based application (requires no JVM or additional plug-ins) and as an Eclipse plug-in for use with the BASIS Eclipse IDE.

Enterprise Manager - Introduction

Enterprise Manager - Getting Started