SCROLL Mnemonic - Set Scrolling Attributes




The 'SCROLL' mnemonic defines a scrolling region within the current window starting at col,row containing cols in width and extending rows down. This region must be fully contained within the current window. Otherwise, an !ERROR=1 is generated. Within this region, the upper left corner is considered 0,0 (home) and all cursor addressing, with the exception of the 'WINDOW' and 'MOVE' mnemonics, will be relative to this.




Defines the scrolling region beginning at col.


Defines the scrolling region beginning at row.


Number of columns wide.


Number of rows down.


Enables scrolling in the current window.


Disables scrolling in the current window. The cursor wraps back to the first line in the current scrolling region (or window, if no scrolling region is set) following an advance from the last line.


Resets the scrolling region to the maximum possible in the current window. If a window with borders is active, the new scrolling region will include the window borders.

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