SCROLLPROP Mnemonic - Set Scroll Bar Proportion


'SCROLLPROP' (id,proportion)


The 'SCROLLPROP' mnemonic sets the scrolling proportion, which determines the amount that a click next to the thumb will move the control. The thumb "takes up space" in the scroll track, such that the proportion takes from the range.

For example, if the scrolling range were set to (-100,100) legal values for proportion would be between 0 and 200. Setting proportion to 25 would set the range of possible scroll positions to (-100,75). This mnemonic applies only to scroll bar controls created with the 'HSCROLL' and 'VSCROLL' mnemonics, not to scroll bars attached to windows, child windows, custom edit controls, and grid controls.




ID of the scroll bar.


A value between zero and the range of the scroll bar set by the 'SCROLLRANGE' mnemonic. The range of possible scroll positions is between the minimum range and the maximum range minus proportion.

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