VIRTUAL Mnemonic - Set Virtual Drawing Surface (SYSGUI)




The 'WORLD' and 'VIRTUAL' mnemonics establish the scaling and limits of the drawing surface. All drawing commands are supplied with world coordinates that are mapped onto the virtual drawing surface. By default, both the world and virtual rectangles are equal to the pixel dimensions of the SYSGUI window (window coordinates are always in pixels) so that drawing commands given pixel locations perform as expected. To have the virtual drawing surface represent 1024x1024 and map down to the available pixels, use:


To reverse the Y axis for a Cartesian coordinate system, use:


Unlike CONTROL coordinates, which can contain floating point numbers, only integer values are accepted for DRAWING coordinates. Be sure to leave enough resolution to work with. Also, unlike CONTROL coordinates, DRAWING coordinates are context specific. Changing the DRAWING coordinate system in one SYSGUI window will not affect drawn objects in any other SYSGUI window.

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