WINDOW Mnemonic - Create a SYSGUI Window

BBj-Specific Information

For this topic's original documentation, see the WINDOW Mnemonic - Create a SYSGUI Window.

The following information is for top level windows in BBj:

If the scrollbar flags are set for a window, then the window will display scroll bars if the window frame is resized by the user to a smaller size than the size given programmatically (with the 'size' mnemonic or with ResBuilder). All controls and drawn images can be scrolled.

Windows created with the dialog behavior flag ($00080000$), that creates a modal dialog, will not have an icon in the Start Bar in Windows.

If using CALLBACK event handling, the event mask is not needed. Instead register CALLBACKs for the desired events. For more information, see the CALLBACK verb.

Windows created with the Gravity flag ($00100000$) will arrange only the visible controls. Space will not be made for invisible controls. If a control is initially invisible and then made visible, the location of other controls may adjust to fit the control.




Event masks to be applied to the window:


Mouse scroll wheel.

$00000800$ Mouse click (BBj 23 and higher).


Mouse enter or exit a window or control.


Popup request.


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