READWRITE Mnemonic - Make Edit Control(s) User Changeable




For BBj-specific information, see READWRITE Mnemonic – BBj.

The 'READWRITE' mnemonic (Visual PRO/5 Rev 3.12 or later only) makes one or more edit, custom edit, InputE, or InputN controls user changeable. It will undo the read-only state that can be set with the 'READONLY' mnemonic or a creation flag. Changing the read-only state of a control does not change its foreground color. If the control has a customized background color, changing the read-only state will not change it. The background color of controls that do not have a customized background color will change from the default 3D objects background color to the default window background color in accordance to a Windows standard color scheme.




Control ID number. It must be an integer between 0 and 32767.

If an !ERROR=29 (mnemonic error) occurs, TCB(10) usually gets set to one of the following:


The current context (which can be changed with 'CONTEXT') does not contain a top-level or child window.


One of the specified controls does not exist.


One of the specified controls cannot be made read-only, i.e. it is not an edit, custom edit, InputE or InputN control.


No control id's were specified or the mnemonic was not sent to a valid SYSGUI device.

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