SCALE Mnemonic - Scale Coordinates




The 'SCALE' mnemonic sets the scale used for controls printed on the SYSGUI device.




Specifies x-axis multiplier.


Specifies y-axis multiplier.

Multiplier values greater than one (e.g. 1.5) make the controls bigger, while multiplier values less than one (e.g. 0.75) make the controls smaller.

In Visual PRO/5 2.10 and later, the 'SCALE' mnemonic also sets the font multiplier. For example, if the default control font is MS Sans Serif 8, the following changes it to MS Sans Serif 14:


(This size is used because MS Sans Serif 16 point is not available on many systems).

Applying the identical SCALE statement to '(2,2) to 'FONT'(x,"MS Sans Serif",12,0) changes the font size from 12 point to 24 point.

To avoid problems in existing Visual PRO/5 1.x applications, the font multiplier can be turned off by setting SETOPTS byte 7, bit $04$. In Visual PRO/5 2.20 and later, SETOPTS byte 7, bit $08$ can also be used to turn off the font multiplier for compatibility with Visual PRO/5 2.0x applications.

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