Functional Listing of Utilities

File Manipulation Utilities
_browse - File Browse
_bundle - Bundle or Create Data
_copy - Copy File(s)
_define - Define File
_dir - Directory Listing
_dirs - Directory Listing
_erase - Erase File
_flist - Filelist Maintenance
_move - Move File
_rename - Rename File
_resize - Resize Files
Programming Tools Utilities
_ascii - External Editing
_chain - Reference Runs and Calls
_clear - Clear Workspace
_compare - Program Compare
_edit - Program Editor
_fids - Display File IDs
_keyword Utility
_linref - Program Line Reference
_list - Program List/Cross Reference
_merge - Merge Library
_prof Utility - Performance Analyzer
_renum - Program Renumber
_savep - Program Protect
_search - Program Search and Replace
_update - Update Library
_varref - Program Variable Reference
Development Tools Utilities - Change Directory - Change Drive - Change PREFIX - Drop Public Programs - Release Windows - Expand File - Callable Help - Mask Fit
_out123 - Output to Lotus 1-2-3 - Output Selection - File Path - Designer Pop Up Windows - Printer Selection - Execute OS Shell Command - File Statistics Standard Input
Graphics Utilities
_graph - Graphics Demonstration - Bar Charts - Line Charts - Pie Charts
Miscellaneous Tools Utilities
_amort - Amortization
_calc - Calculator
_scall - Execute OS Shell Command
_setup - Color & Function Key Setup
_timday - Time/Date Examine/Set
_util - Utility Menu
_visual - Visual Utility Interface
Conversion Utilities
Conversion from BBxProgression/2 or BBxProgression/3 to PRO/5
Converting Back to Earlier Levels of BASIS Products
Converting from Other Business BASICs
Sending Data
Conversion Options
Using openport
BXSND Technical Notes
BXRCV Technical Notes
Standalone Utilities
mkconvert Utility
mkrecover Utility
mrebuild Utility
Print Preview
pro5cpl - PRO/5 Compiler
pro5lst - PRO/5 Lister
pro5plot - PRO/5 Plot Filter
Corruption Recovery Format Utilities
mkconvert Utility - Convert Existing MKEYED File to Recoverable Format
mkrecover Utility - Recover Corrupted MKEYED File Converted to Recoverable Format
mrebuild Utility - Convert Multi-keyed MKEYED File Format
SETOPTS 7 $20$ - Create New MKEYED File in Corruption Recovery Format

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