_calc Utility - Calculator


call "_calc"


The _calc utility calls a RPN calculator. When an Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide is performed with a new value, that number becomes the constant. Therefore, if an action is performed and the current entry value is 0, the constant will be used. The following is a list of valid inputs:



A or +

Add to the total.

S or -

Subtract from the total.

X or *

Multiply the total.

D or /

Divide the total.


Replace the current total with the value of the current entry and clear the constant. If the entry is 0, the total will remain the same.

F1 or C

Clear the total.

F2 or E

Clear the current entry.

F3 or M+

Add to the memory value.

F4 or M-

Subtract from the memory value.

F5 or MR

Use the memory value as the current entry.

F6 or MC

Clear the memory value.

F7 or P

Toggle the printer on or off.

F8 or O

Change the current decimal precision. The decimal precision can be from 0 to 5 and floating point.

F9 or Q

Exit the PRO/5 calculator.

F10 or W

Exit the PRO/5 calculator and place the total in the input stream.

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