_move Utility - Move File


call "_move"{,filelist}


The _move utility moves a file or files contained in filelist. The destination for the files is prompted interactively. If the filelist contains only one file, the destination can be either a file name or the name of a directory. If there is more than one file in the filelist, the destination can only be a directory. If an attempt is made to write multiple files onto a single destination file that is not a directory, the following message will be displayed:

Directory "destination path" is not available

When the destination is a directory, the original file name(s) will be preserved. If the file exists in the destination, a prompt appears to confirm the move before the file is overwritten. The original files will be deleted if the move is successful.


This utility is interactive, and cannot be called programmatically to move files. To move files programmatically, use RENAME Verb - Rename File

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