_help.pub Utility - Callable Help


call "_help.pub",helptext,helpfile


The _help.pub utility searches helpfile for the contents of helptext. If found, the text associated with the search item is read and displayed in a window. The _help.pub utility is called with the text for the item requiring help and the name of an ASCII text file to search in.

The size of the window is determined by the amount of text. The position of the window depends on the amount of text and the position of the cursor when _help.pub is CALLed.

The following rules must be used in building a help text file. (Most text editors can be used.)

The search item must be preceded by a "/".

Search Item



Produces a blank line in the display.


Forces the size of the display window. XX is the number of columns and YY is the number of lines.


Informs _help.pub of continuation text.


Terminates the search text.


Clears the option list values.


Precedes an option list entry where:


XX is the selection.


YY is the search item.


ZZ is the name of the help file. If no name is given, the default is the current help file.


>1000 CALL "_help.pub","CALL","_verbs.hlp"

This example uses a file called _verbs.hlp and will search for a line starting with "/CALL". If found, help for CALL will be displayed. If not, _help.pub will then search for a line starting with "/%default%." If found, the text following "%default%" will be displayed.

The following text is an example of a help file.

/%opt%=1,_util.view =2,_util.define=3,
/%opt%=5,_util.copy =6,_util.dir =7,
 _util.erase =8,_util.flist =9,_util.move
/%opt%=10,_util.resize =11,_util.compare =12,
 _util.list =13,_util.renum
/%opt%=14,_util.search =15,_util.pfx =16,
 _util.clear =17,_util.color
/%opt%=18,_util.time =19,_util.visual
1) Browse 11) Compare
2) Define 12) List / Cross reference
3) Rename 13) Renumber
4) Bundle files 14) Search and Replace
5) Copy files 15) Change prefix
6) Directory listing 16) Clear workspace
7) Erase files 17) Set colors
8) Filelist maintenance 18) Set time and date
9) Move files 19) Visual utility system
10) Resize files
There are several options at this input:
- The number of the utility to execute.
- Highlight the desired utility and press enter.
- The name of a program to call.
- BYE or RELEASE to exit PRO/5.
- END to exit the utility menu

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