_visual Utility - Visual Utility Interface


call "_visual"


The _visual utility displays the visual utility menu. The visual utility displays more information on the screen than the _util menu. The visual screen is divided into three parts:

  • The first section displays the current PREFIX and the current drive and directory.

  • The second section displays the current filelist.

  • The third section displays the list of options. The available options will be displayed with the capital/highlighted letter being the key for the option. If the option you want is not listed, press "N" for the next options list.

To move around in the top portion of the screen use the following:




Move down one line


Move up one line


Move left one column


Move right one column


Move forward one page


Move back one page.


Add the current file to the filelist


Exit the visual utility


Edit the current filelist (refer to _flist, Filelist Maintenance for operation of the filelist editor)

When a utility is selected, it will be executed using the current filelist. If the filelist is empty, it will be called with the currently selected file.

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