_renum Utility - Program Renumber


call "_renum"{,filelist}


The _renum utility renumbers all programs contained in filelist.

_renum starts renumbering and assumes line numbers to start at line 10, with an increment of 10. As it encounters special REM statements it will change the renumbering pattern until another special REM is encountered. For example, REM 1000,2 will start the renumbering at 1000 and count by 2s. An !ERROR=21 is issued if the renumbering causes an overlap of line numbers or if renumbering a line causes a line number to exceed 65534. If this happens, type ESCAPE in the console mode to display the line causing the problem.

_renum will not renumber line 1 unless line 1 is a REM statement explicitly forcing a new line number because application programs normally begin at line 10 with REM statements identifying the program. However, a SETESC statement was placed at line 1 to trap any escapes that may have occurred during the load. It was desirable for aesthetic reasons to leave the SETESC alone, thus line 1 remains as line 1.

_renum will only recognize a REM command if that REM is the only statement on the line.

This utility is not available in BBj.

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