_search Utility - Program Search and Replace


call "_search"{,filelist}


Use _search utility to search for, and, optionally, replace text in PRO/5 programs, according to the options below.



Search only

In BBj 7.0 and higher, search ONLY for the text specified.

Verify replacements

In BBj 7.0 and higher, verify all replacements, even if performing a variable-only search.

Variables only

The text entered is variable names, replacing only the variables with the corresponding names. No substitution occurs if the replacement name matches the searched for name. (Not available in BBj.)

Text only

The text entered can appear anywhere in the program. If the replacement of the text results in a new variable being created, the replacement will NOT be performed. For example, if the text exists in a remark statement and may exist in a variable name, the variable will remain unchanged. (Not available in BBj.)

Case sensitive

Search for the specified text as entered, and replaces as entered in the same case. Use this method to change text only. Variable names are uppercase, so when entering the text in mixed case, the variables are unchanged.

Suppress page breaks

Stops page breaks, eliminating form feeds between selected programs (when directing the output to a printer).

Direct the output from _search to the screen, the printer, or to a file.

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