_popup.pub Utility - Designer Pop Up Windows


call "_popup.pub",window_column,window_row,width,height,


The _popup.pub utility provides the capability to incorporate pop-up windows into a program. Features of these windows include the ability to use a default background and foreground color for the window, as well as default character attributes.

When _popup.pub is called to display a window, it identifies what it is overlapping on the screen and places that information in the background (if it is supported by the terminal or monitor), to its right and lower edge. The effect is that the window appears to shadow the text underneath it.

These windows are not meant to be manipulated using the standard window mnemonics of PRO/5, such as 'SWAP', 'MOVE', or 'GOTO'. However, to remove a pop-up window, use the 'POP' mnemonic. Without the PRO/5 programming support for these windows, the shadowed text of these windows could be affected. For example, if a pop-up window is placed on the screen with a large amount of text, and the program performs a PRINT SWAP to select a window beneath the pop-up, then the text of this window is modified, and a PRINT SWAP is again performed, the pop-up's shadowed text will no longer be valid.

The _popup.pub utility does not create SYSGUI windows, only character windows.




Column forming the upper left corner of the window.


Row forming the upper left corner of the window.


Logical width of the window. The PRO/5 window actually created will be WIDTH+1 characters wide. In addition, all of the pop-up windows have borders, making the scroll region within the window WIDTH-2 characters wide.


Logical height of the window. The PRO/5 window is actually HEIGHT+1 characters high. In addition, all pop-up windows have borders, making the scroll region within the window HEIGHT-2 characters high.


Attribute executed just before the window's scroll region is cleared. For example, if 'RGB'($3001$)+'DEFAULT' is used, the window's default character attributes will have a red background with a blue foreground (on a color terminal). A window attribute of 'BR'+'DEFAULT' sets the default character attributes of the pop-up window to reverse video (for terminals that do not support color). Using the 'DEFAULT' mnemonic causes the characters of the window to take on the WDW_ATT$ by default.


Window title. If not a null string (""), the title is centered within the top border of the pop-up window. No check is made to see if the title fits within the window's width, so be certain of the window's minimum width.

On some displays, these windows may appear similar to normal PRO/5 windows because the display does not support one or more necessary character attributes. Any terminal or monitor that does not support background and foreground attributes will exhibit these problems when _popup.pub is run.

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