_browse Utility - File Browse


call "_browse"


The _browse utility displays the file type and file statistics, if possible, of the file name entered. The utility recognizes INDEXED, SERIAL, DIRECT, SORT, PROGRAM, MKEYED and C-ISAM file types. Files that do not fall into one of the above file types will be displayed as a STRING file.

If the file is not a program or filelist, the data in the file will be displayed in hexadecimal and ASCII formats. Program and filelist files will be displayed in ASCII only.

Use the following keys to move around in the file:



F1, ^J, or CR

Move to the next record or index.

F2, ^K, or BS

Move to the previous record or index.

F3, or ^U

Move to the beginning of the file.

F4, or ^F

Move to the end of the file.




For MKEYED files, toggle between keys and data.

When viewing either a program or filelist file, CR and ESC are the only valid responses. Also, note that ^F moves the current position to the next block for string files.

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