BASIS License Troubleshooting (BLM)


This page contains information about the BASIS License Manager (BLM) associated with BASIS products up to version 21.0. The BLM has been superseded by the BASIS License Service (BLS) for BBj/BBx 22.0 and higher.

Please contact right away if you are using the BLS associated with BBj or BBx 22 and higher.

Refer to the BLM log file when experiencing problems. Also, before contacting BASIS, do the following:

  • Check your BLM version:

    • If you have an active SAM subscription, you should use BLM 20 or higher.

    • If you do not have an active SAM subscription, you should use BLM 19 or higher.

    • If your BLM version is lower than 18, BASIS strongly recommends upgrading to a more current version.

  • Verify that your Host ID is correct:

    • On UNIX - run ./hostid

    • On Windows - enter hostid at a DOS prompt in the BLM directory

  • Check if your Internet connection is functional

  • Verify that access is open to port 80 for (the default HTTP port)