PRO/5 Disk Configuration


Several dsksyn lines may appear in the configuration file and describe the logical disk drives recognized by PRO/5. Since PRO/5 comes from a multi-drive environment, the dsksyn lines may be necessary to set up logical disk drives for some application software.

The dskname field contains a PRO/5 drive name such as "A:" or "B:". The directory field indicates either the UNIX operating system path, or on MS-DOS systems, the drive and directory that will be used for the given disk name. The path should end with a slash character "/."

A disk drive that appears with no extension will permanently disable that disk drive for PRO/5.

The dsksyn option should be used only when necessary to force the configuration of PRO/5 for existing application code; as it is unlikely the same set of dsksyns will be used in a new installation of PRO/5.

Utilities supplied with PRO/5 and some applications may not operate correctly if operated in an environment with defined disk drives. Defining the first disk (or current disk while running) should allow most utilities to run correctly.

Examples Under the UNIX Operating System

dsksyn A: /usr/
dsksyn B: /usr/lib/

Examples Under MS-DOS and MS-DOS Networks

dsksyn Y: F:/data/

In this example, accessing disk Y: in PRO/5 would cause PRO/5 to search the directory /data/ on the current drive.

dsksyn A:
dsksyn B:

In this example, the floppy drives, A:, and B: are disabled. PRO/5 will not search these for programs and data because they are disabled.

It is not necessary to specify a disk in adsksynin order to use it. The first five disk drives are initially considered usable. If you have fewer than five drives, or if you would like to exclude the last drive(s) from the automatic file search, you should specify the LASTDRIVE in the MS-DOSconfig.sysfile. For those MS-DOS systems which do not recognize LASTDRIVE, you should use the DISABLE option or a DSKSYN <drive>: without a <path> inconfig.bbx.

If you have a LASTDRIVE set in the config.sys file and get unexpected !ERROR=17s on file OPENs, use the DSKSYN on drives in the list (A:, B:, C:, D:, E:) that are not present on the system.

Default Configuration under MS-DOS

The installation process creates a minimal config.bbx file called config.min, which is used by some of the PRO/5 utilities. This configuration file disables all disk drives except drive C:, so if PRO/5 is not installed on C:, the DSKSYN lines in config.min should be edited appropriately.