What is BBjServices?

In business today, it is vital that companies have fast, flexible and reliable access to their enterprise data from a variety of locations and software applications. The new data access components are designed with four things in mind: fast access to data, flexible means of accessing data, very reliable performance and platform independence.

These goals are met in the suite of BBj data access tools that include the BASIS DBMS, BBj ODBC Driver, BBj JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) Driver and BBj Enterprise Manager.

Some of the features supported by the BASIS DBMS include:

  • Backward compatibility with the PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5 SQL engine

  • Backward compatibility with the BASIS ODBC Driver 1.0 to 2.x

  • All scalar functions specified in the ODBC 3.51 specification

  • User-defined scalar functions

  • User-defined date types

  • User-defined aggregate functions

  • Server side execution and processing of SQL statements

  • Cross-platform support for client applications via the thin BBj ODBC Driver and the thin BBj JDBC Driver

  • Intelligent query optimizer

  • Optimization of statements that include ORs in the WHERE clause

  • Nested SELECT statements


  • INNER JOIN syntax

  • Comprehensive logging that includes all optimizations that the optimizer uses

  • Expressions in ORDER BY and GROUP BY clauses

  • Relational views