SQL Introduction


This section describes the following:

Local Databases


SQL Command Execution

SQL Grammar


Visual PRO/5* provides commands and functions to simplify access to databases external to Visual PRO/5, and to allow SQL access to Visual PRO/5 data files. The commands are designed to provide maximum access to the SQL capabilities available in the BASIS SQL Engine and in other SQL products with which Visual PRO/5 is designed to communicate.

*PRO/5 on UNIX platforms no longer supports third party database access due the unavailability of ODBC libraries.

BBJ_REVISION() Returns the revision information for BBjServices
BBJ_BUILD_ID() Returns the build ID for BBjServices
BBJ_BUILD_DATE() Returns the build date for BBjServices

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SQL Introduction

SQL Command Execution

SQL Grammar

SQL Grammar - BBj

Local Databases

SQL Concepts

Supported SQL Data Manipulation for PRO/5 File Types

BBj Data Server CREATE TABLE: Features and Usage

BBj Data Server Group By

BBj Data Server Having Clause

BBj Data Server Outer Joins

BBj Data Server Sequences/Auto Increments

BBj Data Server Subqueries Using Nested SELECT Statements

BBj Data Server Unions with the BASIS SQL Engine

BBj Data Server Views

Scalar Functions:

Custom Functions

Explicit Data Type Conversion

Numeric Functions

Statement Temporary Files

String Functions

System Functions

Time and Date Constants

Time and Date Functions