BBj AppServer


The BASIS BBj AppServer and BBj Thin Client are a traditional client/server pair that allow the BBj Thin Client to make a request to the BBj AppServer to run programs 'on behalf of' the BBj Thin Client. All the code is executed on the computer on which the BBj AppServer runs, and the display components (including the SYSGUI and SYSWINDOW) are shown on the computer that runs the BBj Thin Client.

BBj AppServer

The BBj AppServer is a server application running on a computer that houses all of the BBx/BBj programs and configuration files. When the BBj Thin Client makes a connection to the BBj AppServer, it specifies which program to run, which config.bbx to use, and what working directory to use. Optionally, these items can be configured for each program run from the BBj AppServer.

All of this, combined with the BASIS DBMS, allows the powerful three-tiered structure, which puts data, programs, and display all on different machines (Client), allowing each of these machines to be customized for whatever purpose it is intended.

The BBj AppServer features include:

Enhanced configurability. The configuration for a given program can be maintained in one location for all users.

Encrypted communication between the BBj AppServer and BBj Thin Client. Unauthorized third parties cannot view or tamper with sensitive information obtained from the BBj Thin Client display.

Remote debugging. The BBj AppServer can allow for remote debugging of an application. Allowing console access from an unknown source can be a serious security risk, so in normal operation, the BBj AppServer does not allow console access, but it does allow a special form of operation that will allow console access specifically for debugging an application.

Minimal, if any changes needed to run a BBx program in the BBj AppServer. The design strategy at the beginning was to allow any BBx/BBj program to run unchanged, and that has continued to be the goal as the BBj AppServer has been developed.

BBj Thin Client

The BBj Thin Client is the client counterpart to the BBj AppServer. There is no configuration necessary for it to connect to the BBj AppServer. On the simple command line interface, it is easy to specify the program and configuration file to use. Optionally, the BBj AppServer can be configured to ignore these values and use defaults, for maximum flexibility. The complete functionality of BBj and only a small library need be installed at the location where the BBj Thin Client will be used.


With a little more work on the computer running the BBj AppServer, the clients can be configured to run with only a Web browser. A single click on a Web page will allow the clients to install a Java Plug-in for their browser. Once the simple installation process is complete, the client can begin using a BBx/BBj application from a Web browser without any configuration.
BBj Thin Client features include:

  • Low setup and maintenance cost.

  • The ability to view the displayed information from any BBx/BBj program from a computer other than the one running the program.

  • An easy move to an intranet environment with a main server and many workstations.

  • The ability to run any BBx/BBj application from within a Web browser.